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We offer customisation services where you can personalise your gifts by incorporating your brand and company logo in the designs. Make it a unique and one-of-a-kind product with this simple step! Whether for a promotional campaign or a simple thank you gift, finding the perfect customised corporate gift in Singapore will be an absolute breeze with Nanyang Gifts.

At Nanyang Gifts, our team of designers and creators are ready to help you customise your merchandise and gifts as per your preferences. Nothing is too fantastical for us to handle

  • Logo Printing
  • Gift Box Customisation
  • Customised Gifts
  • Promotional Gifts
  • Packing Services
  • Delivery Services


Have something specific in mind? Look through our featured categories for all your customised corporate gift needs.

Custom Notebooks (56)

Power Banks (53)

Thumb Drives (11)

Travel bags (113)

Customised Mugs (73)

Umbrellas (9)

Travel Adapters (12)

Tumblers & Water Bottles (69)

Laptop Bags/Sleeves (23)

Toiletries Pouch (38)


From corporate door gifts to bulk gift printing to customised logo printing, here at Nanyang Gifts, we have the gifts that you are searching for.

2023 Unleaded Thermos Flask 550ml


Our Recent Project With Black&White Cafe

4 USB Multi-Port Mobile Phone Charger

4 USB Multi-Port Mobile Phone Charger


Our Recent Project With Chung Cheng High School

Air Force Pilot Baseball Suit

Air Force Pilot Baseball Suit


Our Similar Project With Propine - Customized


Foldable Nylon Bag


Our Recent Project With Nanyang Technological University

Our Recent Project With Hope Singapore

Foldable Wireless Mouse

Foldable Wireless Mouse


Our Recent Project With British American Tobacco


Japanese Knot Tote Bag


Our Recent Project With NTUC Singapore

Mascot Bear Plush Toy

Mascot Bear Plush Toy


Our Recent Project With Ferrari

Smart Fingerprint Password Padlock

Smart Fingerprint Password Padlock


Our Recent Project With InterSystems

Customised Corporate Gifts Supplier in Singapore

Nanyang Gifts is the leading wholesale supplier of customised corporate gifts in Singapore,  we take pride in our ability to provide high-quality products that meet each and every one of our client’s standards. Taking note of the latest trends and ideas, we’ll help you come up with gift ideas that are sure to impress your target audience.

Whether you want your gift to have that personalised touch or if you’re just looking to show your appreciation, we have everything you could possibly need. Browse the wide variety of products we have in stock or get your corporate gifts custom-made with us. The possibilities are endless! Nanyang Gifts hopes to be the one-stop wholesale supplier for all your promotional and corporate gifting needs.

Impressing Your Current Clients, Potential Customers and Employees Alike With Corporate Gifts

There is no better way to show appreciation than customised corporate gifts when it comes to brand, business or event promotions. It has been one of the go-to marketing strategies employed by several companies across industries – and rightfully so! The practice of corporate gifting allows companies to create touchpoints with employees, clients or prospects via gifts, regardless of what they might be.

A customised corporate gift allows one to form a sense of connection to the giver and, by extension, create lasting and positive associations with the company. As such, companies and marketers have long relied on the power of corporate gifting to establish trust and rapport with employees and clients alike. When used for employee retention or overall marketing efforts, it can be highly effective, especially in terms of job satisfaction and return of investment.

Exceptional Quality Corporate Gifts

As the leading wholesale supplier of customised corporate gifts in Singapore, we don’t believe in offering you generic or poor-quality products made from cheap materials. Every one of our products is made with care and purpose – they meet even international standards. We’ll ensure that you get exactly what you’ve paid for – and more!

And the best part is that all of these perks are yours at an affordable price! Nanyang Gift quotes the best prices so that you can keep within your stipulated budget. We also offer wholesale corporate gifts packing and delivery services for your convenience!


Need assistance? Send a message through our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you and assisting in any way that we can.


1. What is corporate gifting?

Corporate gifting is the practice of presenting gifts to business associates and prospective business associates in order to show appreciation or to enhance and maintain a good professional relationship.  

These gifts can be practical, ranging from stationary to power banks, unique novelty items, or customised presents for that personalised touch. Intangible gifts like tickets, vouchers, or monetary incentives can also be considered for corporate gifts. 

The recipients of corporate gifts are most frequently individuals who consort with the company. You may consider giving a gift to:

  • Employees
  • Clients
  • Prospective clients
  • Stakeholders

While corporate gifting is primarily done out of generosity and goodwill, it is also an effective marketing tactic used to spread brand awareness. These gifts are most often given: 

  • During holiday periods
  • On birthdays/anniversaries/other milestones
  • At road shows/open houses
  • At a particular point in the sales funnel 

2. Why corporate gifting is important?

Corporate gifts are typically offered to preserve a positive working environment and relationship. Giving gifts builds a relationship between the gift giver and the recipient, whether they are customers, employees, or potential customers. People conduct business with individuals they like, trust, and know well. When done correctly, corporate gifts establish that connection and, as a result, can serve several purposes. Giving gifts to employees is also an excellent way to manage your workforce and boost employee happiness.

3. What makes a good corporate gift?

The most well-thought-out and successful corporate gifts must cement a positive impression of your brand in their memory. Giving them a gift that is meaningful and customised to their recipient’s taste is always preferable to sending them something generic. As a general guide, a good gift is: 

  • Meaningful (both appropriate for the specific recipient and thoughtful) 
  • Practical (functional and efficient) 
  • Tailored (personalised to the recipient, i.e. their taste, name, brand, etc.) 

You could also go about corporate gifting like you would when buying presents for a friend and adopt a similar approach. For instance, when deciding what to get your corporate associate, asking the following questions may be helpful:

  • What do they like? 
  • What should you avoid?
  • What sets this person apart?
  • Do you have any personal experiences with this person you can use as inspiration?

Remember that gift-giving is highly personal, and there won’t be one definitive answer for finding the perfect one. Luckily, you can browse our wide range of products for ideas or contact us if you have any other questions!