Nowadays, laptops have become a necessity for school and work. From watching educational videos, completing homework, taking notes, and attending virtual conferences, almost every person on earth relies on a laptop to go about their daily lives. Because laptops are a significant investment, it’s necessary to protect them, especially when not in use.

This is where the significance of laptop sleeves comes in. What’s better is that aside from protecting your laptop, custom laptop sleeves can also help improve your business by being a great promotional item. Indeed, custom laptop sleeves in Singapore have become quite popular during corporate gifting or giveaway seasons. To understand more, here are some of the most fantastic marketing benefits of custom laptop sleeves.

1. High functionality

Gift recipients seldom use many promotional items – mainly because they’re not functional. Contrarily, a laptop sleeve is undoubtedly something they’ll be able to use daily. Based on Grand View Research’s estimates, the global market size of laptop carry cases is expected to increase at a 3.4% CAGR over the next couple of years.

The constant need for laptops has prompted the demand for high-quality, durable, and aesthetically attractive laptop sleeves. This comes as no surprise since laptop sleeves are effective at protecting laptops from scratches, dust, moisture, and external damage when not in use. They’re an incredibly functional promotional item that’ll certainly be used outside of the recipient’s home, school, or office – which is the most significant aspect of marketing material.

2. Boost brand awareness

An essential marketing benefit of custom laptop sleeves is that they can increase awareness for your brand, even in those areas you may not market actively to. This is because laptop sleeves can be brought along and used almost anywhere – in cafes, planes, and at meetups beyond your school or office walls. This boosts your brand reach in the right areas without paying for a targeted ad campaign.

Furthermore, using custom laptop sleeves not only provides a higher possibility of reaching new audiences but also guarantees that the first interaction people have with your business brand is positive. For example, if the custom laptop sleeve with your business logo captures their attention in a café, they may be convinced to search for your brand online. This starts off a potential connection with your business on the right foot.

3. Increase sales

Although exposure is most likely the first thing you consider when giving away promotional products, you should also prioritise sales. You need to ensure that your investment is directly boosting your business sales for existing and new clients. Fortunately, a significant amount of research shows that the effects of custom-branded marketing products on sales are generally positive.

For instance, according to C&B Marketing, marketing products can be a highly effective way to enhance lead generation and sales. They found that around 83% of consumers like receiving promotional products with an advertising message, and many of them remember the name of the business. In essence, promotional products, such as custom laptop sleeves, can work in the same manner as a business card but are more functional, engaging, and memorable.


Using branded custom laptop sleeves as promotional merchandise for your subsequent marketing efforts has many benefits. Besides being extremely functional, laptop sleeves can effectively improve your brand awareness and increase your subsequent sales without having to shell out a lot of money on ad campaigns anymore. This makes custom laptop sleeves an excellent promotional tool to add to your marketing toolbox.

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