Corporate gifting has been a popular strategy among business owners for a long time due to its effectiveness in building relationships with both clients and employees. When executed well, these gifts can do many wonders for a company, such as further promoting its existence to the masses or boosting its marketing efforts for new products. Whatever the intention may be, investing in the simple act of gifting undoubtedly works to the advantage of the business if done right!

On top of being sensitive to different cultural differences and understanding your target audience, spend some time considering the following 3 factors when selecting your gifts:

1. Timeline

Misjudging the timeline of your corporate gifting efforts can easily turn things into a flop before it even gets started. Similar to any business strategy, planning ahead is a must to ensure you have sufficient time to pack the gifts and double-check for miscellaneous details on the Thank You card or the address of the receiver.

As a rule of thumb, make plans at least four weeks ahead of time to ensure your campaign will have enough leeway in case of potential issues. However, if you find yourself cut out for time in planning, relying on suppliers that provide corporate gift wholesale is your next best option.

2. Budget

Since the funds needed to purchase the gifts and their accompanying packaging will most likely come from the business’s capital, proper budgeting is crucial to help you narrow down your options.

Depending on the quantity you need to purchase, packaging design as well as additional customisation or delivery services, this may or may not limit your options. Alternatively, work with a corporate gift supplier and let them know your budget so that they can source quality products that match your requirements!

3. Quality

When it’s time to choose the gifts themselves, be mindful to select those of quality and refrain from skimping just to meet your budget! Remember that anything that comes from your company, whether it be the products or services you sell or the gifts you give away is an extension of it, and receiving anything that isn’t up to the usual standards of your brand will only damage your business’s image.


Like any other business strategy, corporate gifting requires a lot of work and preparation to ensure its success. During this period where social distancing is encouraged, corporate gifting is a great way to stay connected to both current and prospective clients and remind them that you care.

If you have a tight budget but still wish to gift something that is relevant and valuable to your clients, our team at Nanyang Gifts is here to help! On top of wholesale tote bag printing and customisation services, our presents range from practical lifestyle items such as mugs and luggage tags to more unique products such as cutlery sets and cotton reusable masks that are in line with the latest trends.

Simply let us know your requirements and request a free quote today and let us handle the rest!

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