The unexpected arrival of the recent pandemic has certainly made its mark on both individuals and companies alike. With remote work having been the default arrangement ever since, it’s not uncommon for employees to feel rather detached from their companies due to the lack of a physical connection only found in the office.

But with the situation slowly getting better globally, aided by the continuous distribution of vaccines, more and more employees are now transitioning back into their old work lives. As a business owner, it’s crucial to show your appreciation to your team for sticking with your business throughout it all and to also welcome the new hires that you’ve recruited online. An excellent way of showing your gratitude is welcoming their return to office life with corporate gifts. Below, we present some ideas that you can use and order from a provider of wholesale corporate gifts in Singapore.

The Daily Essentials Care Package

Although it’s now possible to go back to work in the office, the threat of the recent pandemic still lingers and it’s still advisable to follow the health guidelines observed up until now. As such, you can promote the observation of these health practices to your employees with a ‘daily essentials’ care package gift.

In this bundle, you can include the essential items needed to keep your employees safe such as face masks and the like. To make it easier and convenient to lug all these items around, you can store and present them in a toiletries pouch for organisation and portability. To top it off, you can include a multi-purpose tissue box into the gift, or a custom wallet tissue for their office and commute use.

The ‘Back To The Office’ Lunch Set

Returning to the office also means being able to reunite with coworkers and share lunch just like before. Help promote this reunion over food and drinks with a ‘Back To The Office’ lunch set gift that contains all the things they’ll need to dine in the office pantry or at their favourite F&B establishments.

The core items that comprise this gift set are a lunch box, cutlery set and pouch, and tumblers or water bottles. For the lunch box, you have a wide range of options. From foldable silicone lunch boxes for employees that prefer non-obtrusive containers to premium bento lunchboxes. As for the rest of the items, you can opt to personalise each set according to the employee’s preferences or simply include all the utensils they could need when dining. To wrap them all up, you can make use of a simple tote bag with your company’s logo, something that can be easily procured from a nearby company offering custom tote bag printing services.

The Tech Basics Starter Pack

Most, if not all, of your employees will already be well-acquainted with modern tech. To delight the tech enthusiasts in your team, you can also choose to gift them with a tech package that consists of gadgets that complement their main devices.

For instance, since nearly everyone possesses a smartphone, you can include a multi-port phone charger, a notebook wireless charger, or a power bank that can top up their devices at any time. For those that own laptops, you may include a new laptop bag or sleeve that they can switch to along with a handy custom 3D printed thumb drive to store their extra data.


Showing your gratitude for your employees conveys that you treasure them and acknowledge their efforts, something that’s sure to be appreciated by them. With the slow and sure return to office life, there’s no better time and place to shower them with corporate gifts.

If you ever need help in finding gifts that best convey your appreciation and gratitude, we’re here to help! Start your corporate gifting journey at the right foot with Nanyang Gifts! Contact us today!

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