Corporate gifting is essential in business, as it helps to reinforce corporate relationships and boost brand awareness. However, in order to be effective, it is important that you choose the right kinds of gifts, and unfortunately, this is no easy task. Corporate gifting can be tricky, whether your purpose is to make a positive impression on your valuable clients or to simply express your gratitude to your hardworking employees.

More often than not, it is easy for people to remember bad gifts. Nonetheless, good companies can easily be recognised too. How effective and memorable your corporate gifts are depends on how well you choose the products you want to give. To help you ensure the success of your corporate gifting efforts, here are some common corporate gifting blunders you should avoid.

1. Giving inappropriate gifts

When it comes to business gifts, it is necessary to be very careful about your purchase. Your corporate gifts should always be acceptable and appropriate. While it may seem unimportant to some people, it is highly advisable that you pay attention to factors such as age, gender, and cultural beliefs. For instance, buying intimate or personal items like undergarments for your business partners or clients is an absolute no.

If your recipient follows certain cultural or religious beliefs, keep that in mind when choosing your corporate gift. For example, avoid giving liquor to an individual of the Muslim faith, as this may hurt their religious feelings and adversely affect your relationship. Essentially, inappropriate gifts can upset your recipients, which is probably the last thing you would want. 

2. Ignoring the presentation

This is not often emphasised enough, but the packaging is essential in corporate gifting! Select a gift wrap that is well-made and attractive to show how well-thought-out your present is and how much you care about the recipient. Having impressive packaging for your corporate gifts will most likely make your recipients feel excited when they arrive.

Always remember that corporate gifts are business gifts. This means that when you send a corporate gift, you are essentially trying to tell the recipient that it is a present from your company and that it represents your brand’s focus on quality. Ultimately, your corporate gift may reflect on the way the recipient will perceive your business.

3. Sticking to holidays only

It is a norm in many companies to send corporate gifts during the holiday season only. However, this is a common mistake that your business should refrain from making. The holiday season is a season of giving, and as such, people receive many gifts simultaneously during this time of the year. Due to the large number of presents people receive during the holidays, half of these gifts often get disposed of or forgotten.

To increase the chances of your corporate gifts getting noticed, be sure to send them beyond the holiday season. Perhaps, you could send some corporate gifts when your business reaches a milestone, when you are celebrating the anniversary of your company, when you have new employees, or when you want to express your gratitude to your customers for their valued support. 

4. Failing to personalise the gifts

For many corporate gifting experts, personalised presents can yield the highest results. Personalising your corporate gifts is an incredible way to show your clients or employees they are important. For example, if you are planning to give a custom water bottle in Singapore to a valuable business associate, add a personal touch to it by printing on the bottle the initials of the recipient.

When personalisation is possible and can be easily achieved, why not take advantage of it to delight your clients or employees? Whether you are giving apparel, stationery, an artist-made item, or something necessary for everyday use, be sure to get it customised for the intended recipient. If possible, you should also include a personal handwritten message with every gift.


When done properly, corporate gifting can do wonders for your business. On the contrary, not giving corporate gifts the right way can negatively impact your brand and even strain the relationships you have with your clients, partners, and employees. For this reason, it is vital to make sure that you do corporate gifting correctly, and this begins by knowing the common mistakes you should avoid in corporate gifting.

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