As the new year approaches, it signals the time to set new life goals and embark on a positive change. Support your employees’ New Year’s resolutions by providing the perfect gifts that will motivate them to achieve their goals and start the year off right. The joy derived from a corporate gift can benefit the company by boosting employee motivation and productivity.

Here are four corporate gift ideas that can aid in supporting your employees’ New Year’s resolutions.

1. Custom eco-friendly products

Encourage employees to save money for the new year by giving them eco-friendly products. Lunch boxes are one of the many ways employees can start to save on a daily basis. Rather than spending money on takeaways, which can be quite costly in Singapore, support employees in their journey to start saving by encouraging the sustainable practice of using eco-friendly products such as lunch boxes and water bottles in the office. Employees can cut down on both food expenses and takeaway charges, allowing them to spend less and start saving more instead. Boost your company’s exposure by getting a custom lunch box and a custom water bottle in Singapore for each employee and client.

2. Journals and notebooks

Organisations can drive productivity by reducing wasted time and enabling you to work more efficiently. Provide employees with the organisational tools they need in the form of a journal or a notebook to keep track of important tasks, meeting information, and goal planning for a successful work year. Besides keeping track of tasks, it allows you to write down your thoughts to brainstorm better and express your ideas, to aid in developing a higher quality work production. The good news is that the journals are fully customisable at Nanyang Gifts, allowing you to add your company logo as a promotional tool.

3. Exercise apparel and accessories

Boost employees’ commitment to start exercising for the new year and encourage them to stick to their new year’s resolution. Promote healthy living within the company by gifting employees custom sports apparel or towels that can be used for sports or gym activities. These as corporate gifts can motivate them to start their fitness journey and strengthen their dedication to achieving their wellness objectives.

4. Travel bags

For those looking to travel more as their New Year’s resolutions, consider giving them a custom luggage, fitness travel bag, or toiletry bag they can bring along for their travels. Additionally, you may also consider providing them with the travel essentials they need to support them in their travel journey. Giving your employees a well-deserved vacation is just what they need to rejuvenate and relax physically and mentally. Upon returning from their vacation, they will feel refreshed and productive.


Empower your employees by presenting them with the perfect corporate gift that aligns with their New Year’s resolution. Find unique and thoughtful gifts that promote wellness, productivity, and personal growth in your employees to motivate them to achieve their goals and aspirations in the coming year.

If you are looking for customised products for your corporate gifting, whether for an employee or a business client, we invite you to check out Nanyang Gifts! With products ranging from apparel and stationery to a custom laptop sleeve in Singapore, we offer the best solution for your corporate gift needs. For more information, feel free to contact us.

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