One of the struggles of marketing is trying to accomplish your primary objectives and goals without being too aggressive, lest you scare off and repel your target customers. Finding that balance is a challenge that most companies have a hard time accomplishing, but if there is one strategy that has been proven to be successful in engaging with prospect, clients and more, it’s corporate gifting. Let’s face it; nobody will turn down a free gift! Moreover, in terms of marketing, research has shown that tangible marketing products are easier for consumers to understand and much more memorable than digital media.

If you’re looking for corporate gift ideas that are bound to make lasting impressions, increase brand awareness and drive your target audience to take action, here are 4 gifts that can help you do just that!

1. Umbrellas 

With Singapore’s dry and wet weather, there is one thing that every Singaporean needs to have: an umbrella. This practical accessory helps to shield you from the weather, rain or shine. On top of its practical use, it has marketing value too! Should you emblazon your company’s logo on its external canopy, you’ll be marketing your brand every single time one uses it! The more inclement weather Singapore experiences, the more exposure your brand gets. You simply have to mass-produce and distribute it to multiple people, and you more or less got yourself a free ad placement!

2. Tote Bags

Tote bags as corporate gifts are a valuable option for small and big businesses. They are durable, functional and customisable, reminding your clients of your brand every single time they put the bags to good use. Giving such gifts during events, conferences and other major events will allow clients to stay in touch with your brand.

When opting for such a corporate gift, be sure to engage in a corporate gifts company that offers in tote bag printing services! This will allow you to add your company logo to the tote bag, exposing your brand to a bigger crowd. Ensure that the product has adequate adaption space and maintains natural elegance. Be sure to also design it in a way that would appeal to your target audience as well.

3. Keychains

If you wish to keep your corporate gift small and portable, there’s no better gift than keychains! This lightweight and compact gift also boast very high portability amongst every genre of audience. Moreover, depending on the material chosen, one can revel in its high quality and feel. For instance, metal keychains offer elegance and a modern feel, whereas leather keychains offer a classic beauty that will weather finely with time. The best part? Since everybody uses keys on a daily basis, your corporate gift will always be visible!

4. Notebook

Despite the technological advancements that are present in this day and age, nothing can replace the tactile satisfaction one gets from jotting down on a notebook. Its practical use caters to and beyond your target market, as notebooks are essential to getting everyday tasks done. Moreover, compared to tablets and laptops, notebooks are much lighter, convenient and don’t depend on battery life. They can be easily customised with designs, should you wish to make it a one-of-a-kind. Such a versatile and handy corporate gift is something worth considering!

If you ever need help in deciding what other corporate gifts will help you meet your marketing needs, we are here to help! At Nanyang Gifts, we take pride in our extensive range of quality corporate gifts that cater to all sorts of target audience. Let one of Singapore’s leading wholesale corporate gift supplier help you in your marketing venture. Give us a call today!

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