Because of the changes that the COVID-19 pandemic has wrought, the standards of working has shifted from in-office operations to a remote basis to minimize the exposure of employees to the virus. With this change brings about a new set of challenges to business owners, one of which is making their employees feel valued and appreciated even if they barely see each other in person.

While strategies such as virtual team bonding sessions through Zoom are great for checking in with everyone, corporate gifting is another untapped strategy that can be leveraged to bridge the distance. Here are some gift ideas to keep your employees happy and motivated during this trying period!

1. Wireless Bluetooth earphones

The saying goes: “over-communicating is the lifeblood for remote teams”. With the prevalence of meetings over Skype, Zoom or Google Meet, having a good pair of earphones has never been more important.

Gifting employees a pair or wireless earphone can be beneficial when they need to attend an impromptu meeting or have to work on multiple tasks at the same time. Given that modern technology is slowly moving towards a more wireless experience, Bluetooth earphones make practical gifts in both the short and long run!

2. LED Lamp

One important quality of a good workspace is adequate lighting. Even if your employees already have a proper desk set-up at home, LED lamps make a great addition to their space without consuming that much power – in fact, some of them can power up just by plugging them into your laptop’s USB port – making it easy for employees to bring it with them wherever they choose to work for the day.

3. Wireless Mouse

While most people are comfortable with using a trackpad, there are still some who prefer using an actual mouse as they find that it helps them get things done faster.

Given that your remote team is most likely spending the majority of their time in front of their laptops, a wireless mouse can go a long way in making their day-to-day more productive, especially if their job entails them to move swiftly across the screen and zoom in on details such as designing or data entry.


Just because you don’t see your employees in person doesn’t mean you can’t make them feel appreciated. The ideas that we have enlisted in this article is guaranteed to not only put a smile on their face, but it will also make their life of working remotely much more productive!

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