While corporate gifting can be a formal affair, it can also be a personal and thoughtful opportunity to show appreciation and celebrate the people who have contributed to your business’s success and growth. Gift-giving establishes positive connections and strengthens existing relationships, but it begs the question – who are the people that we should include in our corporate gifting itinerary?

Business relations are a series of multiplex relationships, with many separate elements and moving parts that make up for a single well-oiled machinery that is your organisation. From our superiors to our clients and all the people in between, we list out all the people you shouldn’t forget the next time you send out your cards and appreciation.


Want to create a positive work environment or strong team culture? Start the gift-giving agenda with your coworkers on the top of the list. Some people say ‘customer is king’, but Richard Branson, Founder of the Virgin Group, begs to differ. “Employees, not customers, come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your customers,” quotes Branson.

Our teammates, the ones in the line of fire, people that hold the fort when things go wrong, are the ones that have our backs in our day-to-day work. Friends, buddies, and definitely the company’s most valuable asset, thoughtful gestures like gifts and cards go a long way in letting your coworkers and employees know that they are appreciated and remembered. It’s only human to feel valued and appreciated. Employers that put proper thought into recognising their staff with gifts often create a thriving work environment with great morale.


While corporate gifts can be a fantastic way to kick off a new or developing business relationship, it should be done to reaffirm existing client relationships, especially ones that have been ongoing for some time. It not only changes the dynamic from a working relationship to one with a personal touch from a contact point in your business, it also allows the client to match your services to a face and person instead of a faceless organisation.

Having a personal touch is an objective most businesses aim for, as a personal relationship is a cornerstone to a long-term, successful business relationship. Thus, any chances or opportunities for gift-giving should be anticipated and looked into ahead of time.

Referral sources

Satisfied customers might become referral sources, but not all referral sources might be your customers. Sounds confusing? Simply put, referral sources can include people who might not be a current consumer of your goods and services but still act as your brand ambassadors, sharing about your business with prospective customers when they come along. Treat them like you would your customers, for while they do not contribute to direct revenue, they are still a positive contributor to your brand’s success.

Receiving your gift not only shows appreciation and awareness on your part, it also creates a positive impression of your business. Not only would it come as a pleasant surprise, it would form a relationship with a brand ambassador for your business in the long run.

Mentors and benefactors

Last but certainly not least, the people who have brought you to where you are today. Whether it is someone who has actively contributed from your founding days or someone who has played a smaller, but no less significant, part in your business, sending a gift of appreciation shows that you are willing to keep a strong relationship with the people you’ve made this journey along with.

It isn’t about the gift itself. People who are have been part of your journey often do so because of a personal connection with you or the ethos of your business. Taking a step to move beyond a business transaction to a personal relationship can often be rewarding. Be it receiving advice further down the road, recommending business to you, or choosing your product first if they need it in the future, mentors offer much more than the regular customer and are a group of people we definitely want to continually touch bases with. Indeed, creating a favourable impression is one thing, but reaffirming your relationship with someone who is already supportive of your business will ensure that they will be continued patrons and spokespeople of your brand.


A business can be more than a transaction, and gift-giving is one of the many ways to connect with your brand’s many contributors. If buying individual gifts for tens of people isn’t feasible, check out our catalogue of wholesale corporate gifts at Nanyang Gifts. We’re sure that there is something for everyone, especially for friends and patrons of your business, that you want to appreciate!

These people mentioned above are consequential in your business success. It is essential to make them feel appreciated and remind them how much their business means to you.

The gifts you choose say a lot about the type of relationship you have, from where it is at present to where you want your relationship to go. At Nanyang Gifts, we provide corporate gifts wholesale such as cheap notebook printing and tote bag printing services in Singapore to meet your needs. Give us a call today and send your VIPs a gift today.

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