When one mentions ‘corporate gits’, there are probably a few gift items that come into your mind, such as personalized notebooks, caps, mugs, tote bags, or even t-shirts. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with giving these items to your employees or prospective clients, they are becoming repetitive and predictable.

Regardless of your gift-giving intentions, there are options available that are guaranteed to not only help you achieve what you set out to do but also surprise your recipient. After all, an effective corporate gift-giving strategy is to surprise your recipient with something novel and yet practical. Let us share some gift ideas you can consider using.

1. Lunchboxes

Personalized tumblers are a favorite corporate gift choice among many companies and business owners. But if you are looking to stand out from the crowd, you can consider giving out lunchboxes to your employees or clients as an alternate gift.

Not only are lunchboxes a practical gift, allowing your recipients to pack their lunch on the go, but they are also an environmentally-conscious gift that promotes sustainability. Instead of using Styrofoam boxes or plastic containers, which are harmful to the environment, your employees can use these lunchboxes as take-out containers when they are ordering food on the go.

If you do decide to go with this gift idea, you may want to consider getting silicone lunch boxes, as they are leak-proof and aren’t as fragile as those made out of glass, making them reliable enough to be stored safely inside a backpack or handbag.

2. Wireless charging notebook

If you are asked to pick two common items that appear on your employees’ desk, your choice will likely be a phone charger and a notebook. With that thought taken into consideration, why not give them a gift that serves both functions?

Not only can the gift recipient charge their smartphones wirelessly as and when they need to, but the notebook comes in handy when they need to jot something down. With notebooks being a common corporate gift, this wireless charging notebook will definitely be something your employees – or any recipient – find interesting and useful.

3. Bluetooth earphones

There are two primary reasons why Bluetooth earphones make for a great corporate gift – technological advancements and the current work setup. Firstly, today’s gadgets are slowly moving towards a more wireless experience, which is why the latest smartphone models from Samsung and Apple have gotten rid of the headphone jack in favor of wireless earphones.

Secondly, the work-from-home setup has made web-conferencing applications, like Zoom and Google Meet, crucial as these platforms offer an effective solution for employees to communicate with each other. While a pair of regular headphones can get the job done, it is easy for the wires to get tangled up, making it a hassle to untangle them when your employees need to use them. A pair of wireless headphones do not have this same concern.

4. Multi-functional power bank

As technology advances, our devices become more compact, and there is a greater emphasis on multi-functional tools, so users do not have to carry so many bulky items with them. With that in mind, a multi-functional power bank is the ideal corporate gift for any recipient.

With our smartphones becoming a necessity, there is a greater need for power banks to ensure our mobile devices remain operational throughout the day. Furthermore, the multi-functional power bank can double as a container to store their USB cables or as a phone cradle to support their devices as they binge the latest TV shows on their smartphones.


Corporate gift-giving is essential to forging a solid relationship between you and your clients or employees. As such, you need to pay close attention to choosing the ideal corporate gift that is practical and thoughtful so that you can leave a positive impression on everyone. We hope the gift ideas we have shared have helped inspire your shopping list this holiday season.

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