Corporate gifts go a long way in expressing your appreciation and thanks to your coworkers, clients, or customers, but taking that extra step to personalise a gift will often do more than just impress people – it shows that you care. Most companies usually don’t go beyond imprinting a gift item with their logo, sending the implicit message that they are just one part of an innumerable group. On the other hand, a personalised gift shows that you are important enough to be singled out amongst many. And so we list 5 pointers that you can look out for if you are looking to add that personal touch to the gifts you’re sending to your coworkers or clients.

1. Creative presentation matters.

Never underestimate the impact of creative presentation. While most people have received corporate gifts as an employee or a client, most of them end up being remembered as a token gift rather than anything meaningful. Part of it boils down to the presenting and packaging that the gift is delivered in. Rather than a simple box, getting your design team or paying for a custom printed design can go a long way.

The packaging is part of the gift itself, and making sure that every single part of the gift is carefully chosen and created gives the impression of excellence. This doesn’t just enhance the curiosity and excitement in receiving a gift but also creates a favourable impression of the organisation and sender.

2. Include your company identity in an interesting way. 

Your corporate gift should indeed reflect your branding, image, and signature to some degree. However, simply slapping down a large company logo or a company name in bold letters isn’t what customisation means at all. When sending gifts like shoe bags and notebooks, you can directly contact shoe bag manufacturers or printers that provide notebook printing in Singapore to create a custom print, rather than buying a general product wholesale.

Consider if your logo fits onto the desired packaging, considering the size, dimensions and type of packaging used. Corporate gifts still need to portray a professional image after all, and customising your gift item that has a purpose and shares your company values can often go a long way.

Sending a gift on behalf of a design company? Create an exciting custom-designed wrapping or packaging for your gift and impress clients with your creativity. Belong to a marketing or content writing agency? Include a cleverly written copy that showcases your professional skill in a personal way.

3. Take holidays as a chance to reach out.

They say good businesses are more than just the deals and projects – it’s about the personal connection and willingness to go the extra mile. Many companies send a standardised message over the different holidays but take the time and chance to reach out through the various local holidays. Include various holiday slogans, and don’t be afraid to inject a little personality. Let them know who you genuinely are and what your business truly represents.

If you are timing your corporate gift-giving to coincide with a holiday, you can customise your gift in a fashion that reflects holiday cheer. During Christmas, for instance, you can add a festive touch to the packaging to call Christmas to mind.

4. Be inclusive to all.

Give gifts that take into consideration a group’s possible dynamics, items that suit their professional needs or matches the employee’s age demographic, creating a favourable impression with a functional gift.

An example would be food items where it’s advisable to consider their dietary restrictions and allergies. Ask them for the dietary restrictions, or simply send food that is halal and has options that cater to vegetarians. When it comes to wearables, try to provide them with apparel that is adjustable instead of simply approximating or estimating their size.


There are so many ways to personalise or customise a gift for your intended recipient. Choose one or multiple methods while taking into consideration the time, cost and feasibility of the different methods available to you.

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