While giving corporate gifts is a great way to express appreciation and gratitude in the professional world, the bottom line is that it’s also an effective business strategy. When you embark on this action plan, it is essential to maximise cost benefits and increase impact. Here are four tips to make the most of your corporate gifting agenda.

1. Send the right message.

Get into the purpose of corporate gifting. Why are you giving a particular gift? Why at this juncture? What do you hope to achieve? If you want to connect with your recipient, it’s vital to be clear on your objectives.

It’s necessary to consider what kind of gift would be appreciated by your recipient. Contemplate what message you are trying to send, assess if the gift item is appropriate and if your budget is reasonable, and analyse your gift’s ability to stand out against competitors.

2. Take timing into account.

Know the right timing to send your gifts. It’s indeed a good idea to send corporate favours on festivals and holidays, but from a strategic point of view, this could also mean that your gift could get lost in the barrage of other keepsakes from competitors.

They say that the best gift is the least-expected one. Many recommend giving your clients gifts in the off-season for maximum impact. If you’re planning on sending a Christmas gift, for example, do it on the first or second week of December so that it’s one of the first to arrive and, thus, would be more memorable.

3. Give something useful. 

Consider your gift’s value proposition. You will have sent it in vain if it doesn’t receive the intended attention. It would be disreputable to send a gift that will only be left to gather dust.

The best gifts are the ones that are utilised daily, as opposed to those that are non-functional or are used once for novelty’s sake. Try to opt for gifts that are useful, practical, and productive.

In the corporate world, you can not go wrong with office supplies and stationery. Perhaps you can consider customized notebook printing to make for a practical yet thoughtful and well-received corporate gift.

4. Get to know your gift recipient. 

Even in our personal relationships, knowing your gift recipient makes decisions easier. It also increases our confidence in the impact of our present. The same goes for the corporate world— if you want your corporate gift to be compelling, you will have to evaluate your recipient.

For example, if they are a traveller, a passport holder, travel adapter, or travel bag makes sense; if they are tech lovers, Bluetooth speakers, a power bank, or mobile accessories are ideal; an office worker will appreciate a wireless presenter, clock, office stationery, or laptop bag. If you can give them the benefit of choice, that will minimise any instance of unwanted gifting.


Depending on how you manage or strategise your corporate gifting, the results can be hit-or-miss. It’s important to ensure you make a lasting impression for greater returns to your business.

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