In a world where almost everyone carries their devices wherever they go, keeping them charged is essential. Unfortunately, your mobile phone batteries have no way to go, but down every time you use them. Can you imagine the frustration of waiting for an important work call with only a 3% battery left? Or perhaps you need to send an important text message to cancel the meeting but can’t because your phone’s died.

As technology advances, so have our charging options. Valuable items like power banks can solve many of the problems mentioned above. Decreasing battery percentage is inevitable, and since power outlets don’t tend to be available on every street, having a backup power source is essential. Solve this problem through this corporate gift idea – power banks. Read on to learn about the five benefits of giving a personalised power bank as a corporate gift in Singapore.

1. Portable

No one wants to pack heavy and bulky items and carry them wherever they go. Hence, the portability of power banks is one of the main reasons many people love them. They are light and convenient to take when travelling. Whether your customers hold the power bank with smartphones, slip it in their pockets, or keep it inside the bag – power banks don’t take up too much space.

2. Multiple Sockets

Some people own two or more devices that they take out with them every day. While the chances of having all these devices simultaneously at a low battery percentage are low, it’s good to have a backup plan. Power banks have multiple charging ports, so you don’t have to decide which device to prioritise because they can charge multiple devices at once! Some great power banks are family-friendly and even have up to six ports.

3. High-Charging Capacity

Power banks have a high-charging capacity, allowing customers to charge multiple devices. A single device can charge up to four times with a power bank of 10,050 mAh. But if you want to give out even higher-quality products, you can choose portable chargers with a higher power capacity. Power banks can run for several hours while supplying power to multiple devices.

4. Low Cost 

With their excellent features and attractive appearance, you might think that power banks would cost you a lot of money, but they wouldn’t! Depending on the power capacity, these portable chargers are available at various price points, making it easy to match your budget. Since you’re giving them as promotional gifts, ordering power banks in bulk ensures you get the best deals. Spend a reasonable amount of money in exchange for this trendy and helpful device to impress your audience!

5. Personalisation

Another excellent reason power banks are great promotional gifts is that you can use your creativity to personalise them. You can print your brand logo or message on custom power banks and hand them out as gifts to get the much-desired exposure for your company. Power banks are often shared and borrowed among people, so using them as a marketing tool will help spread your business faster. Power banks are a great way to showcase your brand’s personality, from the colours to the design.


A power bank is a must-have accessory for people who travel daily. Now that you know about the benefits of power banks, consider giving these portable charges as a promotional tool and attract customers. Print your brand’s logo and message on this genius promotional item, and watch how curious shoppers become loyal customers of your business.

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