Giving gifts is the ideal way to strengthen relationships, and it works the exact same way in businesses as well. There are even days when you don’t need a reason to appreciate your employees and clients. However, we also wouldn’t want to miss on red-letter days where gift-giving is the norm; in fact, we would want to take every opportunity to let our employees and clients know they are valuable to us.

Each touchpoint shows a possible chance to connect with our various stakeholders, from big holidays to company events and maybe to various corporate processes. If gift-giving is a corporate agenda you are pursuing in 2022 to strengthen unity and create resilient and robust relationships in your company, here are 5 occasions you can consider to send a gift to welcome, appreciate or acknowledge the many valuable faces in your team.

Corporate anniversary

Your company’s founding anniversary is the natural setting for corporate appreciation and recognition. This not only celebrates the end of a year of hard work, it also is a natural point to look back at how far you’ve come as an organisation.

A thoughtful corporate gift will be a welcome and appreciated surprise, but let it be the cherry on top of the cake as you highlight specific accomplishments, areas of growth or milestones for your employees. All these help to remind your staff that they aren’t just a face amongst the crowd but are unique individuals with their own strengths that have been noticed and seen.

Holiday seasons

It’s not that rare to see companies celebrating Chinese New Year with angpaos or Christmas with a gift exchange. But have you seen most companies celebrating popular holidays for their workers of different cultures and ethnicity? Especially in a multi-racial and multi-ethnic society like Singapore, getting to celebrate Hari Raya or Deepavali can be a great point to knowing our Indian and Malay colleagues, giving them the festive cheer that can often be missing when compared to the usual Chinese holidays.

Many companies are looking for different occasions to take a breather and organise corporate bonding events and doing such on festive holiday periods can be a win-win situation. Go the extra mile and get themed corporate gifts to especially appreciate our diverse workplace, all the while celebrating an inclusive and embracing workplace.

Company conferences

Company conferences or team meetings can be a routine item on the agenda list. Still, while we aren’t proposing to make every meeting a celebration, various meetings can be used to celebrate small wins and accomplishments and be a thing to look forward to as well.

It isn’t just the big contracts won that deserve attention; small milestones and personal victories deserve to be celebrated as well. Small gifts that come with personal notes, or even acknowledgement and appreciation in passing can do wonders in raising team morale and encouraging team members. This helps them know that they are moving in the right direction, creating a positive workplace culture where people are motivated to improve and do better.

Employee onboarding 

More than just a time for people to pick up laptops and start their first day of work, this can also be a time where you welcome them proper into the team and company. Setting the tone right by giving them a gift to celebrate their arrival and creating the awareness that they are not just another cog in a big corporate world can be a tremendous sense of comfort and relief.

For instance, welcome gifts make new employees feel at ease and happy in a new environment. Rather than just talk about corporate chatter and administrative processes, getting your new hire a gift lets them know the kind of company culture you have and the kind that you want to continue moving onwards. Not only would this make them feel appreciated, they would also do the same for people coming in after them too.

Personal milestones

No, it isn’t just about work. Birthdays, work anniversaries, wedding anniversaries, birth of their child, their children’s birthdays… A company can be just that – a work organisation. Or it can be much more – a family where people look out for one another and are there for moments both good and bad.

Companies that set a precedent to celebrate each and every one of their victories and personal events are most often those that are there for one another in times of difficulty as well. This creates a workplace with fierce loyalties and workers who are keen to go the extra mile, knowing that this isn’t just a company for numbers and profits but one that appreciates and values each and every single of them as unique individuals.


From small to big occasions, meaningful gifts increase thoughtfulness when given on momentous occasions. You wouldn’t want a highly-valued employee to feel undervalued and ignored, creating situations where people to look towards another organisation because they think they can find a better team culture elsewhere. A thoughtful, personalised and high-quality gift is sure to extend trust, strengthen loyalty, and communicate goodwill and commitment to the recipient.

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