Laptops are among many people’s most prized possessions. As such, keeping them safe from scratches, dents, or dust as much as possible is essential. One of the best ways to do this is to provide your precious laptop with a laptop sleeve. Laptop sleeves are essentially fashion accessories that give protection to laptops. They’re available in different sizes, from 13 to 15.6 inches, to accommodate various laptop models.

Aside from offering protection to your device, a laptop sleeve is also an excellent way to level up your laptop’s appearance. Being a fashion accessory, you can customise your laptop sleeve to make it look more creative and unique. This is especially important for laptop sleeves that are given as a corporate gift. Read on to find out the answers to the most commonly asked questions you probably have about customising laptop sleeves.

1. Are Laptop Sleeves Really Customisable?

The short answer to this question is yes! Many companies or stores sell laptop sleeves that can be printed in colours, while some specialise in selling customised sleeves with specific logos or designs. Whether you want to customise a single laptop sleeve for yourself or numerous ones for your company, you might want to tailor your search around “Bulk” or “B2B,” as some stores sell their laptop sleeves at lower prices if ordered in higher quantities.

2. How Much Does It Cost to Customise Laptop Sleeves?

The costs of customising laptop sleeves vary based on different factors. The principal factor of cost is volume. The more customised laptop sleeves you order, the less they cost. Another essential factor that affects the price of laptop sleeves is the size. Usually, larger sleeves are made with more materials. With the higher input cost for these bigger laptop sleeves, their prices also go higher.

3. Is It Possible to Print on Laptop Sleeves?

Printing on a laptop sleeve is absolutely possible! Printing is actually one of the most common ways to customise laptop sleeves. To get started, look for a reliable local printer that offers laptop sleeve printing services. Sometimes, the possibility of printing on your laptop sleeves depends on their material, where and what you like to be printed on them, and the design. Many print methods can be used for this purpose, with some being more ideal than others in different situations.

4. Can Laptop Sleeves Be Embossed? 

Embossing is another popular way to customise certain kinds of laptop sleeves. Embossing is the art of creating raised patterns on the surface of textiles, paper, leather, metal, and other similar substances. It’s specifically possible to emboss laptop sleeves made of leather and PU leather. While it is possible to emboss spongy sleeves, the process can be more complex. Embossed laptop sleeves tend to look more stylish and are a discreet way to brand laptops.

5. Are Laptop Sleeves Waterproof?

If you’re worried that customising your laptop sleeve by embossing it or printing on it would damage its quality, then you’re in luck. Laptop sleeves are mostly water-resistant and can repel water or liquid when they come into direct contact. Depending on the material and style of your laptop sleeves, you may even wash them. However, they’re often better spot cleaned with a special cleaning product than washed completely.


Customisation is undoubtedly the best way to spruce up your fashionable and functional laptop sleeve. Suppose you plan to give your clients or employees laptop sleeves as corporate gifts. In that case, it’s highly recommended that you customise them to make them look more attractive, personalised, and memorable. With their stylishness and practicality, no wonder that laptop sleeves have been in demand these past few years.

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