Given the increasing costs and difficulty in recruiting talent in recent years, organisations should now ideally view new hires as a small win that warrants something to commemorate the beginning of their journey with the company. This is where employee welcome kits come in. These gift packages are among the fundamental elements of onboarding new employees, making them feel like valuable additions to your workforce. To that end, it is vital to include gifts that show how much the business cares for its well-being and success within the company, along with the things they need to get started on its first day. If you’re keen on giving employee welcome kits to your future recruits, consider the following top picks to include in your gift package.

1. A Handwritten Welcome Letter

An essential item to have in a welcome kit is welcoming letters handwritten by the onboardee’s new coworkers. These thoughtful messages can add sentimental and personal value to the gift and make the recipient feel unique in today’s prevalent use of email and instant messaging. To ensure these letters stay with them longer, consider placing them inside their employee handbook.

2. Eco-friendly Water Bottles

Hydration is vital to productivity, so nearly every employee brings their own water bottle to the office. Why not save your recruits time and money by gifting them one on their first day? Eco-friendly water bottles make a great impression that reflects the company’s focus on sustainability and cuts down on using single-use plastic cups in the office. Choose from either stainless steel, wheat straw plastic, and other environmentally-friendly materials and remember to add the company logo or such designs to tie it all together.

3. Personalised Corporate Apparel

Giving out cool and comfy company apparel is an excellent way for employees to help increase brand awareness in their day-to-day life. With that said, it’s best to avoid placing big company logos on these items and instead opt for a brand image or slogans that are tastefully designed to make the merch fashionable. This leads to better odds of your new hires including the apparel in their daily wardrobe since it is usable and not just made for a marketing campaign.

4. Office Supplies and Stationery

Employees need to be equipped with the right tools to be as productive as possible. Take care to include the typical office supplies used by your workforce and other necessities for relevant situations like working from home. For starters, have pens, notebooks, markers, sticky notes, and highlighters in your employee welcome kit.

5. Tech Necessities

Gifting gadgets may sound costly at first glance, but there are plenty of IT gifts you can give out without spending a fortune. For instance, a wireless mouse is an excellent tool for working remotely or on the go, making things more convenient for your employees.

A custom laptop sleeve in Singapore will surely be appreciated as employees can use it for their personal devices. Like corporate apparel, they can promote brand awareness while providing ample protection that makes them worth using. Lastly, power banks are something everyone needs more of, given the number of devices people have these days, from smartphones and wireless headphones to tablets and everything in between.


An organisation’s culture plays a critical role in the success of its workforce. Onboarding new hires with anything but a warm welcome shows them how little the company cares about them, which may negatively affect their performance and long-term relationship with the business. As such, put in the time and effort to put together a great employee welcome kit that lets them know they are an important new addition to the team and that their efforts here will be worthwhile. To get started with exceptional and cost-effective gifts to fill up your gift package, get in touch with us at Nanyang Gifts today for our corporate gifts that your employees are sure to love!

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