There is no doubt that corporate gifts are an excellent way to bring in more clients, show appreciation to employees, and keep customers loyal to your business. Hence, it’s essential that you carefully consider the kind of corporate presents to give and the timing of the gift.

Aside from taking the time to pick your gift carefully, it’s also important to add a bit of a personal touch if you want to be able to convey your message effectively. Whether the gifts are a token of appreciation, a welcome gift, or a congratulatory present for a milestone, you should make it a point to personalise your gifts to make them more meaningful and bypass formality.

1. Do better with the wrapping

Customised notebooks, gadgets, sports and travel items, office and stationery products, and wine glasses are some of the usual gifts for your high-value clients. But to add an additional layer of sophistication, you can customise your gifts by wrapping them nicely. For VIP clients, for example, you can give them branded pens in a box with a personalised notepad and their names printed on it. Wrap everything in fancy wrapping paper, and voila! You’ve got an elegant-looking gift.

2. Add complimentary gifts

If you’re looking to give tenured employees a token of your appreciation for their years of service, personalise your gift by adding complimentary items to the mix. If your hard-working employees are the type to reward themselves by going on vacation, you can gift them with a travel set that could contain a luggage strap, scale, tags, passport holders, toiletry pouches, and travel bags.

3. Show how much you care

Another way of keeping clients and employees loyal to you is by going out of your way to show them that you care. During flu season, for example, you can give wellness hampers, consisting of items like humidifiers, mugs, tissues, umbrellas, water bottles, thermometers, and even vitamins. These mementoes will surely make anyone feel valued and appreciated.

4. Remember them on special days

To make loyal clients and employees feel important, you need to show them that you remember their special days. Since you have your client’s and employee’s personal information, such as their date of birth, you can hand them personalised birthday hampers filled with corporate gifts, from promotional pens to power banks. Not only are they useful tools for professional environments, they also make great gifts!

5. The gift of relaxation

Everyone who works hard deserves a break every now and then. In that spirit, some people will be spending a few days off from work so they can relax and rejuvenate. Make your corporate gifts timely by giving them relaxation hampers, which can include anything from wine glasses to humidifiers to Bluetooth speakers. The sky’s really the limit with what you can purchase for them.


Going out of your way to reach out to those who contribute to your business’ success can mean a lot to them; this is why you need to make sure you carefully select the gifts to give to clients and employees. You shouldn’t underestimate what a well-timed, curated gift can do for morale.

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