It is a known fact that employees need to know that their efforts are recognised and appreciated to perform well. This is more important than ever because of today’s troubled times of inflation and other global issues. The rise of remote working is also one of the reasons for this greater display of appreciation since it reminds them that they are part of the team and the company no matter where they may be working. Corporate gifting is among the best ways for employers to show their gratitude, and they should ideally never run out of reasons to send the occasional gift that helps motivate their team. Thus, to help you develop the best gifting strategy that your employees will love, here are the six biggest corporate gifting trends of 2023 to keep in mind.

1. Eco-friendly gifts

With the increasing push for more sustainable business practices (such as in the ESG framework), extending the company’s eco-friendly efforts to its corporate gifting only makes sense. The modern consumer is more inclined to do business with brands that care for the environment, and their employees take pride in working for such companies. Leveraging this trend that only becomes more relevant over time as it lets customers and employees know that the organisation’s sustainability efforts extend beyond what is expected and that they are taking it seriously. In short, sustainability benefits both the business and the environment.

2. Personalised corporate gifts

Everyone appreciates a personalised gift, and this customisation trend is set to become more popular as the greater focus on employee well-being becomes the norm in work culture. After all, gifts that cater to the recipient’s preferences are more well-received than those that aren’t, making them better at engaging employees, boosting their morale, and making them feel part of the team despite being in remote or hybrid teams.

3. Gifts for remote employees

With remote working here to stay, it’s essential to let employees know that their efforts are recognised and appreciated regardless of where they work. A few great ideas are noise-cancelling headphones to drown out distractions, mobile accessories like a wireless mouse, and even home decor items like succulents to pretty up their workspace and improve their mood. For these gifts, it’s best to prioritise gifting items that can help your remote employees’ remote work life, whether directly or indirectly.

4. Self-care presents

Self-care is something that most people tend to neglect, given their busy schedules, but the recent pandemic helped increase their awareness and prioritise what’s best for them. Companies can take advantage of this by helping promote the health of their employees through gifts that benefit their well-being, such as gym memberships, humidifiers, healthy snacks, aroma diffusers, and so on.

5. Custom apparel

Personalised apparel is a significant trend that lets employees feel included and get that sense of belonging, which matters more than ever, given that the modern workforce is no longer under a single roof. It may be best to consider gifting custom apparel that bears not just the company logo and such designs but also those that reflect their interests. This is because taking into account what the recipient likes is a thoughtful gesture that is more likely to be well received than clothing entirely promotional in design.


Corporate gifting trends are ever-changing, yet their intention stays the same: showing appreciation and gratitude towards the organisation’s stakeholders. Keep these rising trends in mind and be on the lookout for new ones that may arise throughout 2023.

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