With the new year fast approaching, the one question on every hardworking Singaporean’s mind is, “When can I have my next vacation?”. After working all year, everyone deserves time to unwind away from the office. Although pandemic restrictions are still in the process of easing up, many adventurous employees are willing to comply with procedures to secure a smooth sailing vacation for themselves.

As company upper management, it’s your duty to make your employees feel appreciated – what better way to show appreciation than with gifts galore! Satiate your employees’ yearning for the outdoors by incorporating these gifts every adventurer will love. Make sure to take notes!

Waterproof bags

For the outdoorsy employee, a waterproof bag will prove useful on their beach or diving trips. High-quality ones won’t easily break and allow the contents to remain completely dry. You can contact wholesale corporate gifts suppliers to provide you with a top-quality batch. Waterproof bags that bear your company logo can also be a great way to promote your brand to onlookers.

Passport holders

Keep your employees’ passports secure with decorative passport holders. A minimalist design is great for maximum usability. If not, you can go for an eye-catching design that showcases your company logo to promote your brand further.

Travel adapters

Most people forget to pack travel adapters when travelling, especially when going to a country where most electrical systems differ from ours. Travel adapters, chargers, and power banks are perfect for those forgetful adventurers. You’re not only saving them time and money, but you’re also saving them a lot of energy and heartache.

Toiletries pouch

Any employee will appreciate a compact toiletries pouch with several secure compartments. It is good for travelling outside the country, and it’s also helpful when used within the city.

GPS tracker

A GPS tracker doesn’t have to be expensive. High-quality ones are available at wholesale prices and work very well when linked with devices on different operating systems. Now your employees don’t have to worry about losing their luggage when on a trip.

Caps and headwear

Of course, you can’t forget apparel when it comes to corporate gifting. A nicely-designed cap customised with your very own company logo is a treasured favourite. You can even change it up by gifting them a bucket hat, tennis visor, or a beanie instead!

Bluetooth selfie sticks

When on vacation, your employees can take advantage of them for clear photos. Yes, you can even get them customised as well! Watch them take pictures in style with Bluetooth selfie sticks.


Indeed, the possibilities are endless when it comes to corporate gifting. Like how travel-ready employees are always open to new adventures, you should also open up to new gift ideas this gifting season.

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