Big aspirations and tight budgets generally don’t go well together. But don’t let that hamper your corporate gift goals! There are many ways to express your appreciation to employees and clients without breaking the bank.

You can still go for inexpensive options without being boring and predictable — remember, low-budget doesn’t equal low-quality. However small, your freebies will still reflect your business, so you can skip the shoddy options and surprise your employees with these delightful and practical gifts instead.

1. Custom notebook

Customised notebook printing is ideal for the pen-and-paper kind of person to help them hatch their next big idea. Notebooks have high usability and portability. They perfectly suit the corporate style and are essential for anyone in the corporate sector, whether employees, clients, or partners.

2. Wristbands, lanyards, badges, keychains

Although small and affordable, these wearables offer the broadest exposure — their portability and versatility go the extra mile in building and boosting your brand image. People wear them almost daily and bring them everywhere they go. They’re cute and aesthetically pleasing, but they’re also free agents of budget marketing!

3. Bags and pouches

A practical promotional gift offers high value and usability. When it comes to that and being affordable, long-lasting, and eco-friendly, bags and pouches are your best bets! They come in many forms like tote bags, shoe bags, travel bags, laptop sleeves, drawstring bags, etcetera.

4. LED lamps

Barring the posh and impressive types, you can find budget-friendly LED lamps in the $3-$5 range, such as LED flat reading lights or custom acrylic LED lamps. There are also LED wristbands and keychains. These are affordable and can function with incredible efficiency all year round.

5. Tumbler and water bottles

Whether you’re sipping hot or cold drinks, tumblers have your backs with splash and leak-proof lids. Employees like keeping them on their desks or bringing them along as they embark on their on-the-go lifestyles. They are also handy, unique, and sustainable.

6. Portable small fans

Small USB electric fans, rechargeable mini fans, and handheld fans are out-of-the-box and budget-friendly options. These cutesy and stylish fans are perfect for those who are struggling to keep cool in their office space and work setups. Small fans are whisper-quiet for concentration and sustained productivity while producing good airflow.

7. Wireless presenter

Technological devices don’t all have to be expensive — a presentation clicker makes the perfect corporate gift to prepare your colleagues for the next meeting. Wireless presenters have great functionality and reliability, plus built-in features (such as laser pointers) that make them a standout choice in terms of affordability.

8. Cutlery set 

Everyone needs quality silverware and cutlery. When it comes to corporate gifts and freebies, practical items always come out on top. Employees find an excellent use for cutlery sets when out on regular lunch breaks or eating out with colleagues after work. They are eco-friendly since they minimise disposable cutlery and plastic ware, which would enhance your brand image.


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