Corporate gifting is an excellent way to boost people’s awareness of your brand and strengthen your business connections. However, sometimes, corporate gifts are not enough to convey the message you want to say to your colleagues, customers, or business partners. In that case, you should consider sending thank-you letters alongside your corporate gifts.

Thank-you letters can help foster a solid professional relationship and fortify your connections with employees, customers, and partners. Some professionals even consider thank-you letters as a marketing tool because they can positively impact the way recipients see your business. If you wish to maintain solid relationships in the workplace, sending thank-you letters can help you cultivate those connections. In this article, we share some useful tips on how you can write proper corporate gift thank-you letters.

What is a business thank-you letter?

Before delving into how a proper business thank-you letter should be written, it is important to understand first what this letter really means. A business thank-you letter is a note that expresses your appreciation or gratitude for something that a customer or business acquaintance has done for you, such as referring you to a new client or giving you an impressive gift like a custom water bottle in Singapore.

Thank-you letters can help boost a business connection and, when sent to clients, may even enhance your customers’ impression of you and your business. Thank-you letters often accompany corporate gifts. Here are some common scenarios where you may choose to send a thank-you letter:

  • After a business-related interview
  • After meeting with a new client
  • After attending a trade show or other corporate events
  • After hosting a corporate event
  • After receiving a corporate gift
  • After someone refers a new hire or client to you
  • After an employee does outstanding work
  • During the holidays
  • When you simply wish to express your gratitude 

Tips for writing a proper business thank-you letter

  • Write the letter by handIt is always best to send your business thank-you letters through the mail because email is considered to be impersonal. Moreover, receiving a handwritten letter adds a personal touch to your kind gesture. 
  • Pay attention to your greetingsAs much as possible, greet your recipient in the same manner you would greet them in person. For instance, if you call them by a nickname, greet them with that nickname in the thank-you letter. This is especially important if the recipient is a colleague.
  • Be sure to send the note in a timely mannerIf you are writing the thank-you letter as a way of showing your gratitude for inviting you to a corporate event or for giving you a corporate gift, aim to send the letter within the next couple of days – and no later than 14 days – after the occasion.
  • Be specific and sincereWhen sending a business thank-you letter, be sure to tell the recipient the exact reason why you are thanking them and why their action was very important. This is specifically true if they gave you a personalised gift or something meaningful. It is best to include compliments as well, but make sure they sound sincere. In other words, express your genuine feelings.
  • Be brief and conciseMake your thank-you letter brief and concise but meaningful at the same time. Be sure to mention how much you enjoyed the event or how you can use the gift they gave you. For instance, if they gave you a custom laptop sleeve in Singapore, explain how much it helps you protect your laptop from the daily rigours of work.
  • Make sure the recipient can respondThe recipient is most likely to respond to your corporate gift and thank-you letter. So, be sure to include a physical address or an email address where you can receive their response. It is also a great way to ensure that your colleagues or customers know how to reach you in the future. 
  • Stay on the messageAlthough corporate gifting is an incredible marketing strategy, it is best to make your thank-you letter free from any marketing undertone. Save any promotional language or mention of a new event or product for another time so that your thank-you letter will reflect your sincere appreciation.


Sending thank-you letters is a brilliant way to express your gratitude toward a colleague, customer, or business partner for any sort of gift or act of kindness they have shown you. It is also an effective strategy for strengthening your relationships in the business industry. So, to maximise the effectiveness of corporate gifting in connection-building, be sure to include sincere thank-you letters in your next business gifts.

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