Brainstorming ideas for further growing your business is easier said than done. With hundreds of great ideas flying around the room, thinking of strategies for your brand can be challenging and stressful. However, with the advancement of various companies over the years, business people have found effective ways to enhance their company’s reputation and lead them to long-term growth. We offer you two words: Corporate gifting.

You create a touchpoint and connection between your business and your employees, partners, or prospective customers through gift-giving. Companies have incorporated this act and have come up with a list of excellent corporate gifts. But if you’re new in the business and are looking for a cost-effective yet valuable promotional gift, look no further than a custom water bottle in Singapore. Read on to know why it is the best marketing item.

1. Healthy

Giving away water bottles is an effective way of reminding the people you appreciate to be healthy by staying hydrated. Using water bottles instils the importance of drinking lots of water daily, and people immediately think of your business when looking at it. Aside from water, they can also use it and fill it with juice, iced tea, or other healthy alternatives to soda and energy drinks.

2. Customisable

Customised items are gradually gaining popularity nowadays. On the business side, a customisable water bottle offers much room for branding. You can print your company name and logo on the body. This ensures higher brand exposure because people will want to use it daily and take it wherever they go. Customised water bottles are one of the best ways to add a personal touch to your corporate gifts.

3. Long-lasting

In contrast to single-use plastic bottles, customised water bottles can last a long time. When you drink bottled water, you can toss the plastic bottle away when you’re done. But with these water bottles, you can wash them out and reuse them. Giving water bottles to your clients would make them prefer your product, and they wouldn’t even realise they’re growing inclined towards your brand as these individuals carry your logo and name wherever they go.

4. Affordable

Many companies immediately resort to vast and expensive products as their marketing tool. While there’s nothing wrong with that, and some customers even prefer that, let’s not forget the percentage of people who would choose the other option. When you put yourself in the customer’s shoes, you would want to receive a simple product that is extremely useful while being cost-effective, right? Well, personalised water bottles are the perfect middle ground.

5. Environment-Friendly

We know that you care about your customers and the environment, but just saying those words won’t prove it. However, choosing a product that conveys your message would attract more like-minded, eco-friendly customers. Giving out customised water bottles means your company supports reducing the use of plastic bottles. Plus, you can reuse it as often as you’d like.


Clients are bound to be attracted to affordable, accessible, and valuable products in their everyday lives. As the golden rule of business, the more customers you can draw, the better it is for your company. So, when brainstorming ideas for your marketing tool, choose one that offers greater visibility, helps you stand out from the crowd, and consider customised water bottles.

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