Searching for the perfect corporate gift for your employees, prospects, and clients can be a difficult job. The fear of giving someone a present that may appear improper or ends up in the trash is terrifying – not to mention it also affects your relationship with that person. While there is no science behind the right way about corporate gifting, there are some easy-to-follow rules to make your thoughtful gesture worthwhile!

If you are second-guessing whether there are benefits of corporate gifting and whether you should be showing your gratitude through it, the answer is yes. Showing your appreciation to others is one of the best ways to let them know they’re valued. To ensure you’re following the correct business gift-giving etiquette, check out the do’s and don’ts to keep in mind!

Do buy something useful

When it comes to any gift-giving, one crucial thing to keep in mind is to buy a gift that your recipient will use! Whether it is used for work or personal, it’s essential to choose something that will not end up in the drawer untouched. Choose a gift that leaves an impression and that your recipient can use occasionally.

Don’t include your logo

If you’re planning on giving something with your company logo on it, you might want to rethink your decision. Not only is the gift impersonal, but it also breaks the purpose of corporate gifting: to relay your sincere gratitude and appreciation to your employees.

Do know the recipient first

Before you decide on something that you’ll give as a gift, ask yourself, “Is this something they would like?” Depending on how well you know your recipient, it might be challenging to answer!

That is why it’s important to know the recipient first – get to know them more by talking to them or casually spending time with them. You’ll be surprised with how many new facts you’ll discover about them!

Don’t give something you are unfamiliar with

If you don’t know how the gift works, you can’t be so sure that the recipient will like it.  No matter what gift you have in mind, it’s important to try it out yourself – to ensure that your gift is as high-quality as you think! Plus, you can also help explain how to use the gifts during the present opening if they ask you.

Do include something personal in it 

A personal touch to your gift ties in with thoughtfulness! Aside from the gift you bought, you can try some ways to give your gift a personal touch, including personally-baked cookies, personalised wrapping paper, or adding handwritten notes! Whichever way you prefer, adding a slight personal touch will surely brighten the recipient’s day!


Now that you have learned the fundamental do’s and don’ts when it comes to corporate gifting to your clients and employees, you’re prepared to go out there and choose the best corporate presents that they will love! Remember that the goal of giving is for everyone to have fun!

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