Almost everyone has a smartphone nowadays that we use for various purposes. We use our phones for everything from work to just pure entertainment. Yet we can’t deny that we’ve all been in a situation where we’re out, and our phone battery dies. You’ve lost access to your social media, ongoing conversation in your group chats, camera, and the ability to make or receive texts and calls.

All your employees, business partners, and potential clients have smartphones. Contrary to how good it may sound, we all know the issue of smartphones: limited battery life. Save your workforce and loyal customers from this dilemma by providing the best solution through your corporate gift-giving attempts. Put an end to the search and consider a power bank as a corporate gift in Singapore. Read on to know why this portable device is the perfect gift.

1. Emergency

The perfect time to use power banks is during an emergency. This doesn’t just refer to earthquakes and other natural disasters, but work emergencies too, where the work conversation is a little too critical. Nothing is scarier than watching your phone dying – from the red notification indicating your battery is low to an entirely black non-functional screen. But all of this can be prevented with a power bank.

2. Portable

You might disagree and say that smartphones are already portable enough. Well, that’s true – if you can find an electrical socket quickly when your phone shows warning signs of losing battery life. What if you’re travelling or on a call with a substantial client? The portability of a power bank is the best solution for these unwanted situations where you almost lose charge of your phone.

3. Multiple sockets

One of the best things about power banks nowadays is their multiple socket features. Most power banks may have two or more USB sockets, allowing you to charge more than one of your electronic devices simultaneously. You can set your smartphone and camera in one power bank or share the other socket with your friend facing the same problem.

4. Affordable

The affordable price of power banks may be the most appealing thing that draws people in and buy them. These devices went through a substantial down cost over the years – even those with high capacities have lower prices than they used to several years ago. Its reasonable price makes it an ideal corporate gift when you’re on a budget.


Power banks allow you to stay on the go without stopping or charging your device. With its efficient and valuable features that come with a reasonable price, it’s one of the best choices you can think of to give as a corporate gift to your clients or employees during your event. You can also put your company logo and name on a small part of the power bank as a marketing lead if you like.

Are you already convinced that power banks make an excellent gift? Your next step would be to look for companies selling high-quality power banks. Luckily for you, Nanyang Gifts is here at your beck and call! We offer customisable and affordable corporate gifts such as power banks, custom water bottles, or custom laptop sleeves in Singapore. Don’t hesitate to reach out and call us to learn more about our products.

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