Corporate gifting is the practice of creating a touchpoint and establishing a solid relationship between a company and their employees, consumers and prospects through the use of a gift.

Indeed, corporate gifts are an effective marketing strategy that can help one achieve these goals, but if the strategy is not planned out well, it may just backfire – imagine giving someone something prohibited in their religion – not only is there a possibility that you may offend the receiver, but it may also work against your planned trajectory.

It is important that you plan in detail how you will carry out your corporate gifting strategy so that you can surprise and delight the receiver in the best way possible. Here’s how.

Familiarise Yourself With Your Recipient’s Gifting Culture

Depending on where your receiver is from, they would observe various etiquette in corporate gifting. For instance, corporate gifts are routinely given within Japanese businesses and between corporate partners and clients.

While international employees and business partners are not expected to follow the same gift-giving customs, going above and beyond can leave a lasting impression amongst your Japanese partners and employees. The same goes for any other traditions and cultures.

On that note, be sure to keep abreast of what you can and cannot give, based on their traditions and cultures. In Chinese culture, clocks are thought to be symbols of time running out, making it an inappropriate choice for expressing your well wishes to an important client.

Be sure to make an effort to do your due diligence before you start giving your gifts, as making an insensitive mistake will put your business in the wrong spotlight and sabotage your efforts to build a progressive relationship with your receiver.

Don’t Be Too Assertive On The Returns

Regardless of how modest or grandiose they can be, corporate gifts cost money. When you’re giving out corporate gifts to various people, you’re most likely looking forward to gaining something in return – whether it’d be a new business venture, prolonged relationship or otherwise. However, don’t let that be the sole motivation for corporate gifting.

Above all, use the opportunity to express your appreciation and gratitude to the receiver. There is no denying that corporate gifting can be used to market your business and promote your brand recognition – but accompanying your gift with a handwritten card, for example, is a much more thoughtful way to show your sincerity.

Excellent Corporate Gift Ideas To Give Out

As a rule of thumb, it’s best to give someone a gift that you can’t possibly take back. Perhaps an all-expense-paid cruise for that employee who has been part of your business for over ten years, or fly your business partner out to Cancun. But of course, not all of us have the financial reserves to gift an experience.

There are plenty more affordable alternatives that you can consider – ones that are also tangible. Customised corporate gifts have the capacity to show the receiver you care without breaking the budget, and is a practical idea if you need to purchase gifts for a larger group of people.


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