The holiday cheer is always a time of excitement and celebration – and it is something we want our employees to enjoy as well. A healthy work environment boosts employees’ morale and encourages them to give their best, knowing that their hard work is recognised and valued by the company.

While it does lead to increased productivity, better results, and an increase in overall revenue for the company, we believe that these are decisions worth more than just dollars and cents. People stay longer to build a stronger culture, and you retain subject experts that are willing to impart and teach the next generations joining your company, creating positive expansion.

But with all these said, the festive season is one of the few opportunities for you to take to bond with your colleagues as well as appreciate them. So without further ado, here are 5 gifts that you can give your employees!

Gift of Gratitude and Acknowledgement.

No, it is not lame to say “thank you” to your employees. A simple act of thanking someone and public acknowledgement shows that everyone’s hard work is appreciated and incentivises employees to do their best at their given roles. In fact, the number one way people feel alienated from their workspace is when they feel like their work is undervalued and underappreciated when they feel like their boss is taking their credit without due acknowledgement.

Yes, we all know about the ‘employee of the month’ recognition and incentive, but many employees work had in their day-to-day operation. This gratitude and acknowledgement done on a day-to-day basis can often be more effective than a ‘once in a month’ or ‘once in a year’ employee award.

Gift of Time

Holiday seasons can be one of the most hectic periods of the year, with companies taking advantage of the festive shopping spirit to push sales or drive awareness. But this is also a time for employees to also take a break from their work and get some much needed time away with their families and loved ones.

Prioritise giving them time off or even a surprise day off if they have shown themselves to be efficient and productive at work. Given time, they would know to expect this day off and anticipate finishing their work in advance for a good break. Who knows, this method of keeping morale just might be that magic formula to get your employees happy while being productive at the same time!

Gift of Community and Gatherings

It isn’t just time and money. What about giving your employees a day of fun to look forward to at work every once in a while? A day to kick back, relax and enjoy fun activities with one another – it can often break down rigid boundaries and lines at work to create a seamless and open culture.

Some companies take it seriously and even have games day or company gatherings every week to ensure that everyone can grow comfortably and get to know people outside their departments.

Gift – Physical Gifts

Corporate gifts are a traditional way to appreciate your people, but why not match it with the other ‘gifts’ and provide a good surprise during corporate gatherings, festive seasons or moments of appreciation and thanksgiving. Of course, apart from words of affirmation and giving quality time to your employees, there are always practical gifts that can be a physical representation of your appreciation and acknowledgement for your employees. You can also always go the extra mile by getting customised corporate gifts that cater to your individual employee’s personalities and needs.


When it comes to employee appreciation gifts, one of the most important things to remember is the main goal: make your employees feel special. Showing them how much you appreciate their effort, and how much their hard work and dedication means to you is one of the things people look for in strong and positive leadership.

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