Relationship building has higher stakes in the business-to-business world than in the business-consumer world. This is because an organisation’s pool of business clientele is smaller than its potential customers, and it takes longer for the latter to commit to a supplier. Once they do, it is vital to retain that relationship and make it a point to let the other party know their business is highly valued. Giving premium corporate gifts is among the best ways to achieve this goal and so much more. Here are some ways corporate gifting can make a difference in retaining your business clients.

1. Fosters a personal dimension

Thoughtful corporate gifting is an impactful way of adding a strong and personal element to business relationships and making them more resilient. During tough times or when people seek solutions to problems, it’s their first instinct to turn to their key relationships for assistance. Building this personal dimension in business relationships encourages clients to think of and rely on you in those situations.

2. A gentle nudge that rekindles the business relationship

It’s common for business relationships to go quiet over time just like any other and for various reasons, most of which are not associated with the actual quality of the relationship. Rekindling this bond can be awkward, akin to reconnecting with old friends. However, a well-timed gift, such as when your client achieves a key milestone or closes an important deal, can be an easy way to open up communications once again without coming across as needing something or hitting them up for another sale. A corporate gift can positively bring an organisation back into its clients’ minds, free of any underlying requests or expectations.

3. Demonstrates one’s value

The ability of companies to demonstrate their value in their business-to-business relationships is invaluable. All parties involved have a business to run and the stakes involved, so companies must show that they can add value to the client’s operations and resolve their issues quickly and efficiently. And while corporate gifting is not exactly part of that core value proposition, providing a well-chosen gift during a client’s time of difficulty shows your familiarity with their business and that you have their best interests in mind.

This gift could serve as a reminder or a nudge to the client that working with you is the better choice than potential competitors, especially if it has been a while since your last business deal or if new decision-makers are involved.

4. Plants a seed

Business owners know how important it is to stand out, and this is especially true amid today’s highly competitive market and abundance of options. Thus, springing up unbidden in the minds of chief stakeholders when they are about to make a critical decision is incredibly important. Sending a memorable and practical gift is a great way to achieve this since it comes with an emotional aspect; people typically remember how others make them feel rather than what they actually do.


No organisation can stand alone, which is why building and maintaining relationships with other businesses that you can mutually benefit from is essential. And while corporate gifting is only one of many steps to retain business clients, it undoubtedly plays a significant role, as we’ve discussed above. To ensure your corporate gifts achieve their purpose, contact us at Nanyang Gifts today and let our experts create the best gifting strategies that meet your needs and align with your corporate values. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our corporate gift wholesale offers and solutions to streamline your corporate gifting.

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