Corporate gift-giving noticeably peaks during the holiday season. It is a time like no other to express your appreciation to coworkers, clients, and other stakeholders that made the current business year productive. In addition to the festive occasion, it is when businesses reflect on the closing year and look forward to the next.

A corporate gift during this time has the potential to make your coworkers and clients feel that you genuinely value your relationship with them. Help them associate your company with the most wonderful time of the year by instilling a festive touch to your corporate gifts with these tips.

Get creative with packaging. 

When it comes to Christmas, it seems that the wrapper is half the gift. The packaging ensures that your gift attracts attention even before it is opened. It also elevates the recipient’s excitement and makes the present look like it was prepared carefully and meticulously.

You can either opt for a Christmas gift box or wrapping paper. You can go by the usual themes of red and green or otherwise use exciting colours, textures, and designs. Try to get some packaging emblazoned with the imagery and iconography of the holidays.

Take the time to write a personalised message card.

A personalised card expressing your holiday wishes will show your care and sincerity. After all, the purpose of the gift is to show appreciation— going the extra mile by writing or printing a note will make your employees or clients feel genuinely valued.

Take time to personally address the recipient by name, followed by a holiday-themed message or your grateful sentiments. Doubtless, a message card gives your gift an added personal touch, regardless if it is collectively common.

Stay relevant to the occasion.

Different occasions call for different gifts. Try to go for corporate gifts that amply reflect the holiday spirit. Why not go for Christmas-themed office stationery? For instance, you can opt for an executive pen styled with Christmas toppers. Or you can go for customised notebook printing with a journal or planner set for the following year.

Holidays are a time to indulge in enjoyable food, which is why you will not go wrong with high-quality food sets like crystal glasses or cutlery. You can even opt for a snack tray or the classic mug, ideal for holding seasonal drinks like eggnog or hot chocolate during the holiday festivities.

Get your timing right.

Make sure that your gift is timely for the occasion. If you are getting the gifts delivered, they must arrive on time. For instance, if shipping to an office location, you wouldn’t want it to come on the holiday itself when no one will be there to receive them.

There is also the consideration of standing out from the pack. Clients will receive corporate gifts from their other business partners and associates— you will want to stand out in their minds as being memorable, and you wouldn’t want your present buried in the back pile.

When it comes to Christmas gifts, you can never be too early. According to some experts, the optimal time frame to send corporate gifts is the first week of December. Preparing your gift weeks in advance is recommended to prevent disappointment, especially if you have bulk or complex orders.


The holiday season is a time for giving in many ways. It is the perfect time to express appreciation to your clients and coworkers and look forward to a longer-term business relationship with them.

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