Corporate gifting can be tricky to navigate. You want to get your work associates and clients something unique so that they’re intrigued but not impractical enough that they’ll be unable to use it. You want your gift to be memorable but also utilitarian. Your gifts need to be affordable but not cheap-looking. This may seem like a tall order, but it’s possible to walk this line well! Read on for lifestyle gifts that will hit the sweet spot of corporate gifting.

1. Watches

These are some of the most memorable items to give to a client. Aside from providing them with the time, it is also a fashion statement they can wear to work or on a day out.

When given as a corporate gift, it provides a professional touch to your brand. It will be a constant reminder of the services your business provides and might even recommend you to friends and acquaintances who will want to use your products or services. After all, there is no better advertisement than word-of-mouth.

2. Wine

Giving wine to clients is traditional but will always remain classy and timeless. This is one of the most elegant gifts you can give your corporate clients – but make sure they do and can drink wine; otherwise, it will defeat the purpose of gifting them this.

A vintage wine is ideal, but it will always depend on the budget. There are a lot of affordable and excellent wines out there, and you need to know where and how to browse. You can also pair this with a box of assorted cheeses to go with the wine or wine glasses of good calibre.

Remember to add a thank you message or note to show your clients that you genuinely appreciate their business and patronage. A hand-written one is even better as it adds a more personal touch.

3. Umbrella

Umbrellas are great if you are on a budget and need a generalised gift to give to many people. They are a unisex gift, affordable and will still make sure that your clients feel cared for and appreciated!

You should also ensure that the umbrellas you give are made from sturdy and good-quality materials. You can even ask your corporate gift supplier to print your company’s logo or signature colours on the umbrella.

With an umbrella in Singapore where it rains quite often, whenever your client reaches for it, they will think of your company and your thoughtfulness. And, with your company logo visible on the item, every time it is used, you gain free advertisement!

4. Towel sets

Another excellent option is towels! These are undoubtedly eco-friendly and can even be luxurious if made with high-quality materials. You can give them a set of various-sized towels to show off different options, and it will also show your important clients that you are not skimping on their gifts.

Remember to have your corporate gifts supplier engrave your company logo on the towels for that special touch.

5. Games

Other fun and unique corporate gifts are personalised board and card games, which will prove that you have a close and friendly relationship with your clients.

You can have the games customised by adding your logo or business colours or by adding something that your client likes, like a favourite character, actor or travel destination. This will convey to your clients that you pay attention to their likes and interests and are willing to invest in them as they have done with you by patronising your business.


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