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Custom Badge Medal


Our Recent Project With The Salvation Army

High quality polyester mobile phone lanyard


Our Recent Project With MODEC, Equinor, Bacalhau

Our Recent Project With JABIL



Our Recent Project With Total Facility Engineering

PU Badges Lanyard ID Card


Our Recent Project With Maximus Consultancy

Our Recent Project With Foundation Healthcare

Leather ID Holder with Lanyard

  Product Details Premium leather material with PVC protector Customisable logo / emboss on both lanyard and leather holder 7.5

Custom screen printing mobile phone rope

Rope material: NylonRope buckle material: Metal button

Lanyard key ring document bag

Colour:Black/Nyse/Military color/Military colorCapacity:Small capacityApplicable gender:Neutral/Both men and women can

LED Lanyard

LED Lanyards Works on 2 x CR2032 Batteries Length 82cm, Width 2cm Colours – refer to picture Batteries included