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5m 7.5m 10 m foreign trade printing logo steel tape

System: Metric systemprecision:1cmMaterial quality :New ABS manganese steel rulerSpecifications:5M 7.5M 10MGauge type:flexible ruleNet weight:271gRuler width:25mmLength of tape:5MeterSize:5m 7.5m 10m

Blue slimming waist measuring tool tape

Shell size: 9*6*2cmMaterial:Plastic case, PVC tapeProduct colo:Blue case, white ruler, blue scalemeasuring range: 0-1500Gauge type: Flexible ruleNet weight:17kgsTape width:13.5cmLength of

Calculation and measurement tool tape ruler

System: Auto-lockMaterial: ABSType: Multifunctional tape measureMeasuring range: 0-5000Gauge type: Flexible ruleNet weight: 215 canRuler width: 19MMTape length: 5RiceSize: 8*7.2*4.4

Household measuring 10 meters steel tape

Material quality :10Specifications:319 United States 5 United States 5 United States 25 7.510 metersGauge type:flexible ruleRuler band width:10Length of tape:10Size:10

Household plastic tape rule

Standard: The metric systemAccuracy: 1mmMaterial: ABS+RubberPlace of Origin: Henan (Province)Specifications: 3mx19mm 5mx19mm 5mx25mm 7.5mx25mmType: tapemeasuring range: 0-5000Gauge type: flexible ruleNet

Intelligent movement meter bracelet

Color:Black-Line Charging/Blue-Line Charging/Red-Line Charge/Black -USB direct charge/Blue -USB direct charge/Red -USB direct charge/Red -USB direct chargeInterface:USB 2.0Screen size:0.96Appearance size:38*15.2*11mmApplicable Platform:androidPlatform/Apple

Metric Inch measure tape

(Material texture) Material quality: ABSSpecifications: 3m-10mTypes of: Plastic tape measureMeasuring range: 2000Gauge type: Flexible ruleLength of tape: 5mSize: 67mm

Mini Candy Measuring Tape

Product Details Cute Candy Mini Measuring Tape Small & Compact Perfect Event Promo Gift Diameter – 4.5cm Length – 1.5m

Minimal Measuring Tape

Product Details Basic Minimal Measuring Tape Small & Compact Round or Heart Shape Perfect Event Promo Gift Length – 1.5m

Multi-functional tool tape

Measuring range: 200-1000Accuracy: Positive and negative 0.5mmGauge type: flexible ruleMaterial quality : ABSModel: 3mType: Plastic tape measure