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Compact 4-in-1 Travel Adapter Set Data Cable Sim Card


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Compact Universal Travel Adapter With Box


Our Recent Project with National Healthcare Group

Travel Adaptors / Cables / Headphones Storage Pouch


Our Recent Project With Singapore Institute Of Management

Universal Travel Adapter with Type C


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Our Recent Project With Saybolt


Product Details 2.1A Current 2 x USB Ports US/AUS,Europe and UK White,Black,Blue,Green,Red,Orange,Pink    

Cube Travel Adapter

Product Details Round cube powerful travel adapter 2.4A Current 2 x USB Ports US/AUS,Europe and UK Red,Blue,Green,Yellow,Pink,Orange,White Black,Black White,Full Black

Customized USB adapter

Input parameters: 240 (V) Output parameters: 5(V) Types: Travel charge Recharging current: 1000 (mA) Battery type:lithium batteryInterface:USB

Standard USB Charger Portable Adapter

Colour:CE ROHSAuthentication/But certification/But certificationBattery type:lithium batteryOutput parameters:5Type:Travel ChargeProduct certification:ceCharging current:1000Input parameter:220