Gift-giving is vital in many cultures and traditions, and it is customary to show appreciation without expecting anything in return. In the work sector, corporate gift-giving can help build solid and long-lasting relationships with your employees. It is a go-to way to recognise employees’ efforts and motivate them to work harder every day. 

However, since each employee is different, how can you begin to think and pick the perfect gifts for them? Well, we have listed tips to help you decide the ideal corporate gifts that your employees will treasure. 

Learn about your employees on a more personal level 

Getting to know your employees outside of work, or at least hearing what they do outside of work, can help you decide what to give them. Not only that, it can also help you build friendships. With strong friendships, it will also carry over to foster a better working relationship. 

Here are the factors that you need to consider in terms of getting them the perfect corporate gifts: 

  • Know what they want or need 

Although there may be a common ground since you are all in the same workplace, not everyone wants or needs the same thing. After all, the employees are still unique people in their own right. 

Learning information on bits of their life outside of work can help you determine your employees’ needs or wants. This can give you a better insight into which items to focus on for each of them. 

  • Know what they currently own

You might not want to give your employees something they already have in plenty or would not need anymore. For example, if you have observed that one employee has been getting mugs as gifts, chances are they already have plenty of them by now.

If you give an item to an employee that already has them in abundance, it may be less memorable and valuable for them.

  • Know what employees dislike

With every employee having their own set of likes, they are bound to have dislikes as well. Knowing what your employees do not want as a gift is crucial when picking out suitable gifts. 

It allows you to avoid giving them something they will definitely give away or toss aside. Not only will your efforts be wasted, but the receiver will also be disappointed. To keep track, creating a chart of items that your employees dislike is ideal. 

Listen to what your employees say

Getting to know your employees is one thing; listening to them is another. It would be best if you actively listened to them to achieve the first tip. 

In conversations, they may even make off-hand comments that hint at what they would love to receive as a gift. If they do, you can take this opportunity to write them down. They will value the corporate gifts even more if the present is something that they want or need. 

Be practical 

Think of the bigger picture to save time once you have a rough idea of every employee’s needs or wants towards a gift. Try to see if you can narrow everything down to a common ground and figure out what they want or need as an entire team. That way, you do not have to waste time buying individual items.

If there are some pretty particular ones, such as the tech-savvy ones, excluding their gifts in the group buying will be good. You can separately get the items that will suit them. Nevertheless, do not punish yourself if you cannot please everybody. The act of corporate gifting itself is something that your employees will truly treasure. 


Corporate gifting is vital to building a relationship with your employees. By rewarding them for their hard work, it will show just how much you appreciate them. Make it a personalised experience that will create an impression from your brand to them. 

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