The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on individuals and businesses alike. Companies have been resorting to working from home set-ups for their employees’ health and safety. With this in mind, it is essential that, as a business owner, you give back to your valued employees to motivate them always to do their best despite the current situation. You can do this by rewarding the workforce with corporate gifts.

However, looking for the perfect corporate gifts for your remote team can be challenging with so many items to choose from. But do not fret, as we have gathered a list of tips to guide you in picking out corporate gifts for the workforce in the pandemic.

1. The more personalised, the better

The pandemic has limited most means of social interactions. Almost half of the conversations are made virtually or online — from talking to a friend to work-related meetings. And at times like these, the lack of physical contact has made everyone hungry for any form of interaction.

As such, personalise your corporate gifts so that your employees will feel that you are interacting with them on a personal level. The simplest personalisation of these gifts, such as adding a heartfelt letter or incorporating their names in the items, could mean so much to them.

2. Motivate them to be healthy

The drive to maintain a healthy lifestyle has never been so strong. With COVID-19, everyone must prioritise health at all costs. As such, fitness items will undoubtedly motivate your employees to stay healthy and take care of themselves — making them an excellent option for corporate gifting.

Additionally, since employees have been stuck in their homes due to remote set-ups, fitness-related items can help relieve stress. In turn, when you inspire the workforce to lead a healthier lifestyle, it will make for better performances and improved work efficiency for your company.

3. Think of something fun

When the pandemic began, it not only limited everyone’s freedom to interact with people physically but also limited outdoor recreational activities, which led to monotonous everyday tasks at home. With this in mind, it is essential to think outside the box when gifting your remote team.

You can apply humour to the gifts or add a touch of fun that will make your employees’ day; this way, despite being far and only virtually seeing each other, you can still make them laugh. That is the most crucial thing in corporate gifting — to make the team happy and feel valued.


Corporate gifting fosters genuine and deep ties between you as a business owner and your employees. You can make your staff feel valued even if you don’t see them in person.

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