Corporate gifting is the practice of creating touchpoints through the use of a gift. Often understated, this marketing strategy is not just effective, but it’s powerful as it creates a sense of connection between the giver and receiver. Doing so will give rise to positive associations, whether it’d be with the brand or the person. Whilst it may be relatively simple and straightforward, the act of giving offers more benefits than many realised! If you are wondering how you can gain from giving, stay with us because we’re about to let you know of the 4 different benefits that you can get, all of which you can use to your company’s advantage!

1. Strengthen your affiliations with other companies 

If you have a business partner, there is no reason for you not to give them even a small token of appreciation. Whether you decide to give them some gifts during the holiday season to be more festive, or maybe your business partner is venturing out and you want to help them celebrate, giving them something helps to remind them that you are holding your partnership in high regard and that you look forward to a continued affiliation. Business partners often need each other to succeed in their respective market or industry, but that working relationship has to be maintained, and giving them a little gift every once in a while is a step in the right direction!

2. Keep your employees happy

Let’s face it; a company’s working environment would cripple if it weren’t for the people who are working hard to ensure its success. Employees and staff are just a few of a company’s most valued assets, and one way to make sure that you keep them motivated is to give them a little reward every now and then. This will let your employees know that they are not taken for granted, and that you are appreciative of all of their efforts in trying to keep the company running its course. If your workers are happy, chances are that they will stay longer with you and you wouldn’t have to worry about them setting out for better opportunities.

3. Boost your brand awareness

We all love a free gift or two, especially when they are functional! That’s why most companies turn to corporate gifts or giveaways to boost their marketing campaign. One of the challenges many companies have when creating a marketing campaign is finding the balance that will help to meet their marketing goals and appeal to their target audience without being too aggressive. The strategy that meets these prerequisites? Corporate gifts!

Whether it’d be water tumblers, tote bags or power banks – the possibilities are endless! The best part? You can customise your gifts to make them one of a kind, which will help to make a lasting and memorable impression. Suppose you decide to go for notebooks for your corporate gift, you can engage in a company offering custom notebook printing services to have your company’s logo on the cover. Apart from these perks, corporate gifts are also affordable, so you don’t have to invest thousands in your marketing budget.

4. Make your clients feel appreciated

There are certain times of the year – whether it’d be during the holidays or even, during the pandemic – where companies would deliver gift baskets or goods to their clients. This is an annually recurring practice of many companies because this single gesture technically hits two birds – to let your clients know that you are immensely grateful for their continued patronage, and to compensate and win them back if you happened to provide less-than-stellar customer service at some point. Giving gifts to your customers reminds them that you value them and increases the likelihood of them extending their clientele status!

If you wish to revel in such perks and are not sure how to go about it, let us help you! As one of Singapore’s leading wholesale corporate gifts company, we take pride in offering an extensive range of gift options that meet not just your marketing goals, but also your budget! Contact us here to start your corporate gifting venture!

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