Corporate gifting has been steadily evolving in recent years. Putting your company logo on a cheap-looking promotional product is not enough anymore. Nowadays, this endeavour is planned, strategic, and unique. When executed correctly, corporate gifts leave behind an impression that can motivate employees to work harder and clients and prospects to want to avail of your services or products. The best corporate gifts will most likely lead to company development and success.

With that said, what should you get your employees, clients or bosses for Christmas? This guide will help you choose the right corporate gift that will definitely impress all the right people!

Corporate gifts for your employees

Employee engagement doesn’t just involve giving a pay raise yearly. It is also about making your employees and staff feel that they are genuinely valued. Giving suitable gifts to employees can also help commemorate their loyalty and progress in their work.

What about if your workplace has a hybrid or remote work setup? No problem at all! Try giving corporate care packages to those working from home.

Employee engagement is a year-round initiative. There are numerous methods to utilise corporate gifts to show employees they are genuinely appreciated. It would be best if you did not mainly focus only on specific occasions of the year, like the holiday season. However, since it is just around the corner, here are some excellent gift ideas for your employees for Christmas:

1. Company jackets or hoodies

If you are a small company or group, try customising the jackets or hoodies with an employee’s favourite saying, quote, or even their name or nickname. It gets them to associate feelings of warmth and comfort with you.

2. Branded drinkware (tumblers, flasks or mugs)

Customised water bottles are a great option, adding that little wow factor to your Christmas gifting. Drinkware is also highly practical and is used widely by everyone daily. You will undoubtedly remain at the forefront of minds with this present!

3. Printed sofa pillow  

These are great gifts for maximising comfort. Employees can bring them home or leave them on their office chairs for convenience. Plus, you can customise it with text or print depending on the occasion.

Customer Appreciation Gifts

Client gift-giving is considered to be a smart business move. By sending your clients or customers gifts, it shows that you care enough about their business or patronage to spend money on them. If you want to take things a bit further, you can give gifts catering to their hobbies and tastes. Make sure that whatever you send them must not feel mass-produced, and do not forget to add a personal and festive touch. 

1. Branded gift bundles

If you want to give something a little more expensive and premium or increase the perceived value of your gift, then gift bundles are for you. Plus, they are easily customisable; for example, you can pair a bottle of good wine with wine glasses and adjust the gifts to the recipient’s liking.

2. Food gift bundles

They say that taste and smell can trigger deeper emotions and memories and, if done right, can leave a strong positive impression on your clients or customers. Use this to your advantage this holiday season.


Corporate gifts can be just about anything. Despite these presents usually being identical, the possibilities are limitless. You are really only limited by your imagination.

Just think about who you buy for, what they would want, and what is suitable in a business setting. Consider an inexpensive present suitable for everyone if you’re buying Christmas gifts for your whole company or office. Whatever the occasion, there is a corporate gift for everyone and Nanyang Gifts just about has it all. We facilitate corporate gifting in unparalleled ways. Get your corporate gifts wholesale from Nanyang Gifts today! Contact us to learn more.

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