Due to COVID, weddings were halted from 2020 onwards. But now that things are mostly back to normal, they have finally returned in full force. So, many businesses are seeing their employees getting married in droves.

This means wedding gifts! These are great opportunities to show your employees that you care about them. Now, what’s considered a suitable and appropriate gift, especially for an employee? Should you also involve the rest of the company? Or should it only be from higher management?

If you need help figuring out where to begin, below are some suggestions to get you started.

Are employers or higher management expected to give wedding gifts?

Usually, an employer is not expected to give a wedding present to their employees. However, it is a great way to convey that you care for your employees, especially if they have been with the company for a long time or have done much to contribute to the business.

Now, this begs the question of who should contribute to the gift. Larger companies might have a separate budget for this, and higher management can buy the gift on behalf of the whole company. However, smaller businesses or start-ups might have everyone chip in for the present.

Whatever the final decision is, make sure that no one is obligated to join or chip in if they don’t want to or can’t.

Try indulgent food and drink as your wedding present

Before thinking about anything else, a good start is food and drinks! Gourmet food baskets, fruit and cheese boards, high-quality coffee and tea sets, and a fancy bottle of wine are always appreciated by everyone. Ensure to check in advance about food or drink restrictions for both the bride and groom. This is also an excellent chance to support local and start-up businesses.

Small household items are a safe bet

Another way to handle this gift-lemma is by buying them small household items they would otherwise not purchase for themselves. For example, if your employee likes to cook, you may buy them a set of good-quality cookware or pots and pans. Maybe even an oven if you’re feeling generous. If they like to travel or camp out, get them matching tumblers or a nice tent.

You can also look into other housewares that are mainly for entertaining guests, like fancy charcuterie boards or a chocolate fondue set.

You can never go wrong with gift cards

Tickets to their favourite movies or gift cards to their favourite cafes or restaurants are always welcome. You can even buy them coupons for a couple’s massage or an overnight stay in a hotel. If you are still unsure, you can always use the gift card or coupon route.


It can be intimidating to think about what to give a cherished employee who is getting married. But if you know your employee well, you may already have some idea of what to give. If not, you can always ask their office friends or even managers, as they can give you some insight.

If you are still in a dilemma, you can always browse the Nanyang Gifts website, and you might find something perfect among our wide range of high-quality wholesale corporate gifts. Contact us today to learn more!

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