Gifts are often given to make someone feel special on specific occasions such as birthdays, holidays and more. In a business environment, gifts are often given to clients for their support or employees either as recognition for their achievements or because there’s something worth celebrating.

When it comes to the gifts themselves, it is much easier to pick a gift that the majority of people will use. However, going the extra mile to personalise them for each recipient increases the likelihood of the receiver feeling seen and appreciated.

Regardless of whether you are a big or small business, you can never go wrong by personalising your gifts. And if you’re wondering what you can give to your employees as a year-end bonus or a company-wide celebration, read on because we have gathered some of the best ideas that are practical yet affordable.

1. Flash Drives

In today’s age, where computer use is practically a way of life, having a physical and portable storage option is necessary when online file transfers aren’t available. In this regard, the humble flash drive or USB stick will always come in handy for almost everyone.

And while USB sticks aren’t that necessary in terms of helping employees fulfil their job responsibilities, they will prove useful to them outside office hours. To make them more personal for their recipients, incorporate their preferences into a Customized 3D USB Thumbdrive. With the power of 3D printing, you can customize these drives based on your employee’s favourites, whether it be characters, quotes, and more. All in all, it’s a great addition to their everyday items, and it’s something that they’ll surely love and appreciate.

2. Mugs

They say the best way to kick Mondays off is to enjoy a warm cup of coffee. Whether your employees prefer their coffee straight or sweetened, they are bound to enjoy a personalised coffee mug.

Since mugs now come in various shapes and sizes, it’s easier to choose the best ones for each of your employee’s lifestyles. For those that like to make their coffee at home, a Thermos Flask Mug is ideal for on-the-go use. On the other hand, employees that prefer to share their coffee with their coworkers at the office may better appreciate something simpler and minimalistic like the Nordic Glazed Ceramic Mug.

Not forgetting the non-coffee drinkers – mugs can also make a great gift that they can adorn their workstation with and place their pencils and other writing materials inside it.

3. Hats

Regardless of a person’s personality or taste in fashion, they can always find a use for a hat. Given the versatile nature of hats, they can make for a great gift item because they can serve as a fashion statement or practical addition to any outfit. Whether you want to gift a classic Baseball Custom Cap or the practical Dry Fit Stripe Caps that are great for active individuals and for combatting the hot and humid weather in Singapore.


Customising your employees’ gifts and adding a personal touch increases its sentimental value and can even boost staff morale. At Nanyang Gifts, we provide an array of unique and affordable gifts ranging from modern gadgets to lifestyle items like luggage tags, and wholesale tote bag printing in Singapore. If you already have something in mind, give us a call today at +65 6282 1225 and let our team make it happen!

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