Customised corporate gifts are enormously vital for every business today. They can boost brand awareness and help companies create lasting connections with prospective clients. They can also act as a warm company welcome for new employees, express appreciation, and establish retentiveness and loyalty from existing customers and employees. To put it simply, there are numerous reasons why corporate gifts are necessary and beneficial to businesses.

That said, corporate gifts can only effectively serve their purpose if they are functional or useful. With this in mind, it comes as no surprise that electronic gadgets are now considered the best and most practical corporate gifts since everything is being computerised or digitalised these days. So, if you want your next corporate gifting project to succeed, electronic gadgets are definitely what you should give away. Here are the most recommended electronic devices you should give as corporate gifts!

1. Power bank

The popularity of a power bank as a corporate gift in Singapore is tremendous. Since most people use their mobile phones every day, and no one likes it when their batteries are about to drain, power banks have become ideal presents for any occasion. A small yet powerful power bank lets you recharge with ease wherever you may be. It is also usually lightweight and easy to carry. Hence, it makes a perfect gift for your clients or employees who are busy professionals or travellers.

2. Wireless charger 

Nothing can ruin your day more than running out of battery on your phone and not being able to find a socket nearby. Fortunately, technological advancements have made it possible to charge your devices anytime, anywhere, without worrying about plug-ins – thanks to the invention of wireless chargers. Wireless chargers are portable and safe since they come with no wire to limit movement or cause tripping hazards. They also often have large branding areas, making them a great marketing tool.

3. Bluetooth speaker 

Recent advancements in mobile technology have made content or music listening a lot easier and simpler. You can take advantage of this rising trend by incorporating Bluetooth speakers into your marketing campaigns. Highly favourable and universally used, Bluetooth speakers are luxurious presents that can be utilised everywhere with Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and iPods. With amazing modern sound designs, they certainly won’t end up in the drawer of your clients or employees.

4. USB hub or cable

Usually, computerised gadgets come with several USB ports, and high-quality USB hubs and cables allow you to improve the functionality of your gadgets. Specifically, in offices where many devices are connected to a single computer at the same time, USB hubs or cables can be utilised to connect to the USB keyboard, USB mouse, printer, scanner, and more. This makes USB hubs or cables a typical desk accessory in a workplace and, consequently, an ideal corporate gift, especially for your employees. 


Usefulness is one of the most important factors you should consider when choosing items to give as corporate gifts. And in today’s digital age, there are perhaps no other items as valuable as electronic gadgets. Not only are these gadgets functional, but they are also luxurious looking yet affordable. So, suppose you’re looking to give corporate gifts to your technologically savvy clients or employees soon. In that case, power banks, wireless chargers, Bluetooth speakers, and USB hubs are ideal devices you should consider giving.

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