Sitting for long hours in an office, staring at spreadsheets on a laptop or computer – this is the scenario that comes to the mind of almost everyone when they think about what it takes to succeed in business. However, this scenario is only part of the big picture. Regardless of your industry, business is carried out as part of a community, not alone. As a business leader, you should constantly make connections and maintain them.

One of the best ways to keep your connections strong is to give premium corporate gifts to your business partners from time to time. Giving your business partners gifts can help express your appreciation and gratitude for their contributions to your company. To help you choose the most ideal presents for your business partners, here are some popular corporate gifts that will surely impress them. 

1. Custom water bottles

Reusable water bottles are a vital aspect of living a more environmentally responsible and sustainable life. Moreover, after the COVID-19 pandemic, many have realised the importance of being healthy by having a nutritious diet and staying hydrated. As such, there has been an increased focus on hydration in the past few years, causing more and more individuals to always keep a water bottle on them. Due to this, a custom water bottle in Singapore is an ideal gift for your business partners, as they will surely reuse it. The best part is that you can also count this as one of many occasions to promote your brand with custom water bottles. 

2. Bluetooth speakers

Bluetooth speakers can be a fun and practical gift for a business partner – or anyone, for that matter – to receive. Many portable Bluetooth speakers connect to various technological devices like computers, phones, and music players. This essentially means that your business partners can use the speakers to listen to music while they work or to hear virtual meetings more easily and clearly. In addition, some speakers are waterproof, so the receiver won’t have to worry about accidentally spilling water.

3. Custom smartwatches 

Smartwatches are considered one of the superior high-end gifts for business partners and clients. Practically everyone wishes to have a smartwatch and will be happy to receive one. The demand and desirability of smartwatches make them excellent investments in positive branding and connection-building. With custom smartwatches as gifts, you can expect your business partners to remember your generous present as they don it on their wrists daily.

4. Logo-branded toiletry pouch

Travel accessories often make for practical corporate gifts and are specifically helpful for business partners and executives. Toiletry pouches always come in handy during business trips or simply keeping a grooming kit in the workplace. To ensure your business partners keep your brand at the back of their minds, you can print your company logo on the toiletry pouches since they usually come with large spaces for customisation – rest assured that your logo will look great embroidered on this functional gift!

5. Custom laptop sleeves 

Nowadays, virtually no person in the business industry can work efficiently without a laptop; your business partners most likely have laptops they use for everyday work. To help them protect their laptops from dents and scratches caused by daily usage, it would be an excellent idea to give them laptop sleeves. A custom laptop sleeve in Singapore is likely popular due to its high functionality, portability, and stylishness. Hence, you can guarantee that your business partners will appreciate you for giving them laptop sleeves.


There are numerous occasions when you may give your business partners some presents. Birthdays, anniversaries of your business milestones, and holidays are excellent opportunities to provide them with corporate gifts and show your gratitude towards them. Fortunately, there are plenty of appropriate gifts you can send to your business partners. If you are still trying to decide what you should give them, the gift ideas shared in this article are the ones that will surely leave them in awe.

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