Receiving a gift is by itself a powerful experience – not only does it create a sense of emotional connection with the giver, but it can also form positive associations between a person and a brand. Corporate gifting is still the most reliable and meaningful way to express your appreciation for those who have played a big part in your business and showcase your brand in a way that’s clear, professional, and most of all memorable.

When executed well, corporate gifts can improve your brand image and perception, generate leads and referrals, and build long-standing relationships with your most valued clients.

If you have completely run out of ideas of what to get your beloved clients, you have come to the right place – steer away from the predictable and consider these top 5 corporate gift ideas in Singapore!

1. Office essentials

Gifting office essentials is a safe and practical choice that you know will be well-utilised. What about a 2021 Creative Mini Table Calendar that they can display on their desk to remember important dates, or a Portable Coffee Cup if you know that they are always on the go and can’t live without their daily cup of joe?

With more of us working from home, a Bluetooth Multifunctional speaker Customized Lamp can also be a great choice for their desk setup, or an Office Leather Notebook and Invisible Flat Lightweight Foldable Laptop Stand that will be a popular choice amongst entrepreneurs.

Go beyond plain and boring notebooks with our notebook printing services that allow you to fit your logo as a personal touch and ensure you stay top-of-mind, such as our Premium Business Notebook that features a sleek and modern design.

2. Health and wellness

As more of us are becoming aware of the benefits of a work-life balance, show your clients that you care about their well-being and inspire their new lifestyle.

There’s no better way to bring back some zen into the office by gifting your clients a Smartmi Bedroom Quiet Ultrasonic Humidifier that is both quiet and easy to refill, or a Bar high wine glass that oozes sophistication as a way to celebrate a new business and make their evenings extra special. If your client is into fitness, an Ultra-light Multi-function gym bag is a great way to score extra brownie points!

3. Technology and gadgets

Today, it’s all about staying connected, and there’s no better way to do so than with the help of technology and gadgets that also express your ability to innovate and think ahead. Make your clients’ day much more productive by gifting them a Wireless Charging Mouse Pad or Wireless Fast Charging Mobile Power Bank, or consider getting them a Computer Wireless Bluetooth Speaker that they will love if they enjoy listening to their favourite tunes while working.

4. Face masks

While everyone is busy trying to handle life and a pandemic, Cotton Reusable Masks can be a relevant and impressive one to have on your gift list. This is a great way to send your well-wishes to your clients and hope they are staying safe during this stressful period. In fact, this is also a great gift idea to keep in mind for your employees as well as future trade shows and events.

5. Eco-friendly gifts

Want to promote that your company is generous, thoughtful and cares about the environment? Sustainability is more than just a trend and is here to stay, so why not gift your clients Cup Sleeves, an Eco Cutlery Set or Microwaveable Foldable Lunch Box With Spoon and Fork that they can utilise whether they are on a business trip or simply buying takeout. Clients will also appreciate receiving a Canvas Tote Bag that they can bring along for trips to the supermarket – they are also simple to personalise with our tote bag printing services!


With this list in mind, you are now ready to blow your clients away and build a stronger relationship with your client, no matter how far they may be.

At Nanyang Gifts, we offer a unique selection of wholesale corporate gifts and have specially curated a range of customised corporate gifts that are meant to leave a positive impact on your clients and employees.

Our team of designers are ready to take on your ideas and go the extra mile to make sure that your next gifting event is a success, so request for quote or contact us to get started today!  

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