For team leaders and company owners, don’t ever skip out on showing your appreciation to everyone on the company ladder. Since the time for gift-giving is just around the corner, don’t be late when it comes to gifting your valuable employees some unique treasures.

Due to the pandemic, most of us who have been working from home might have packed on a few pounds. Now that companies are slowly adjusting to office-based work, some employees might be more conscious of what they eat. That sector of your workforce may be working on their diets by now. You, as an employer, can show support and appreciation for them even during this time. For health-conscious employees, here are a few gifts to be considered:

1. Microwavable lunch box

Health-conscious foodies love trying out new things, especially at lunchtime. You may often find them bringing to work their own healthy recipes made at home to be microwaved during their breaks. Gifting them a high-quality microwavable lunch box is something they’d appreciate.

2. Cutlery set

Of course, if you’re giving out lunch boxes, you can also give the cutlery for a complete set. Choose sturdy ones that won’t easily break, so might want to go for metal or wood cutlery. Aside from the spoon, fork, and chopsticks, you can also throw in a reusable straw and a butter knife to cover all your bases.

3. Mugs and tumblers

Drinkware is also great for everyone in the office, and not just health-conscious employees. Non-spill mugs are quite the novelty these days and can save your office from any potential messes. For tumblers, super-portable ones with a large liquid capacity are great for on-the-go employees. Don’t forget to have the drinkware customised with your logo, so your employees really feel like they’re part of the company.

4. Portable scale

A nice, high-quality weighing scale is perfect for employees to bring home. With it, they and everyone in their family can check their weight progress to give them the motivation they need. Customise the scale to have it bear your logo and an uplifting message.

5. Notebooks for recipes

Take advantage of customized notebook printing as well to give them notebooks where employees can keep track of their regimens and progress, as well as write down some recipes to try!


There are plenty of gifts you can give that can promote healthy living to your employees. Even those that aren’t on a diet would greatly appreciate them, so take a cue from our ideas above. Your team will surely be thankful for it, and you’ll see a boost in productivity just by showing your appreciation.

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