An employee’s first day at work is among the most anticipated days in their life. First days at work usually come with plenty of expectations. However, the majority of companies and even employees have a tendency to overlook this occasion. They often move forward with the basic onboarding procedure, thereby losing the chance to establish a good first impression on their workers.

According to research, a warm company welcome can psychologically affect an employee and make them feel seen. This results in a boost in productivity from their end and helps businesses reduce costs that would otherwise be spent on hiring and training new workers. Hence, it is crucial for companies to make their employees feel welcome, especially on the latter’s first day.

Companies can do this by giving corporate gifts whenever a new employee comes in. To learn why this is necessary, read on as this article enumerates the benefits of providing welcome gifts to new employees.

Welcome gifts signify a caring attitude 

You often hear the saying, “First impression lasts.” When people join your company, it is important to impress them and ensure they feel the warmth from the management’s side. This provides them with a sense of bonding and a peacefully concentrated mind during their first few months in the company. Moreover, you are responsible for making the onboarding process smooth and easy for them.

Working in a new company is a significant change. Therefore, new employees need some time and support to adjust. By giving a welcome gift every time a new employee comes in, you are helping them settle right away and deliver faster. A simple welcome gift, such as a custom laptop sleeve in Singapore, can showcase a personal touch and let your employees know you care. 

Welcome gifts are motivators

Everyone requires motivation to attain their goals. When a newly hired individual joins your company, it is the responsibility of the human resource (HR) team and managers to give them that encouragement. Welcome gifts serve as a source of primary motivation for the new employees to blend in, work alongside the company’s existing workers, and perform to their full potential.

Suppose a new employee receives technical devices or gadgets, such as a power bank, as a corporate gift in Singapore. In that case, their mindset will instantly be to work effectively and efficiently for the company since they have found a source of motivation in corporate gifts. Generally, employees tend to be more productive when incentives like gifts are on the line.

Welcome gifts are subtle marketing tools 

Nearly every modern company utilises corporate gifts as a marketing tool. They could give their new employees a custom water bottle in Singapore with the company’s logo imprinted. The employees could then make use of the water bottle every day, and the people they meet during their daily commute often catch a glimpse of it. This way, the water bottle becomes a successful marketing tool that attracts onlookers to the business.

In essence, a corporate gift serves two purposes: To welcome a new employee and promote the business to your target audience. In addition, word of mouth also plays a critical role in employee retention and the appointment of new ones. Acquaintances and seniors who have experienced positive, welcoming gestures contribute to the overall hiring process, thereby ultimately assisting the company in bringing in fresh talent.


In this era of job-hopping, companies need to be mindful of how they make their employees feel, especially on their first day at work. If you want your employees to stay for a long time and work to their full potential, you need to make them feel welcome and valued. One of the best ways to do this is to give a corporate gift every time a new individual joins the company. Welcome gifts are not only great motivators and marketing tools but also effective means to let your workers know that you care.

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