Corporate hampers are a popular way of gifting done by many companies. Featuring sets of items meant to acknowledge contributions, motivate performance, and maintain business-to-business (B2B) relations, such hampers have become increasingly customisable and a way to make a positive impression on the company internally and externally.

Hampers are so much more than just throwing together popular gift items! An extension of your brand and how much you understand and appreciate the recipient, corporate hampers should be carefully planned to appeal to the recipient’s tastes and industry of work.

Some items are must-haves in every hamper, and unspoken staples make a hamper what it is. Here are some things that should be included in every hamper, with the remaining gift items to be planned around them; 

Vouchers and gift cards

A great way to incentivise good performance and show appreciation, vouchers and gift cards have always been a steady staple in any corporate hamper.

Vouchers and gift cards are flexible and inclusive, making them convenient and cost-effective hamper items for companies, especially those with large numbers of employees or event guests.

Especially valid for grocery gift cards, such gifts allow flexibility and purchasing decisions based on preference, reducing the risk of gifting an employee something they may not enjoy.

Useful everyday items

Everyday items such as an umbrella, stationery, and a custom water bottle in Singapore are popular gift choices due to their neutrality and utility. These items provide convenience to anyone and do not violate any dietary or religious restrictions, making them suitable gifts for just about any employee. Furthermore, the best part about a custom water bottle is that it can be used for business promotion and branding purposes, so you are essentially killing two birds with one stone.

Such items can also be customised or personalised with inspiring messages of appreciation or branded with the company logo as a helpful piece of merchandise. Everyday items can also be ordered in bulk due to their one-size-fits-all make, hence their position as a go-to for corporate hamper inclusion.

Gadgets and tech-related accessories

Given the ubiquity of technology and smart devices nowadays, your next corporate hamper should include one or more of these neat and cheap accessories.

Charging cables and power banks have become standard issues in recent years, a nod to the widespread usage of technology and smart devices. As smaller accessories such as cables and power banks tend to be replaced quite often, providing them in corporate hampers can be a great way to reward employees or impress corporate partners.

With the popularity of remote and hybrid working arrangements nowadays, a custom laptop sleeve in Singapore is also a popular gift choice.


When it comes to assembling a great corporate hamper, staples exist to be built around. For finishing touches, items that add personality, such as greeting cards and commendation letters, can be added to impress recipients further.

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