Reusable water bottles are a vital everyday item for numerous people. Whether working from home, at your workplace, running errands outside, or hitting it at the gym, having a water bottle with you by your side always makes it easier to get hydrated throughout the day. Due to their excellent functionality and portability, water bottles have become a staple corporate gift in many companies or industries. You can gift your clients or employees water bottles for any occasion, and they’ll surely appreciate it!

Custom designs take ordinary water bottles to the next level, transforming them into an eye-catching accessory that people love carrying throughout the day. Indeed, custom water bottles in Singapore are very much in demand, especially during the gift-giving season. To learn how you can level up your water bottles, read on as this article explores the most creative ways to customise water bottles for the purpose of corporate gifting.

1. Graphics or Pictures

Standard water bottles typically come with large areas or spaces available for customisation. Consider adding graphics if you don’t want your water bottles to look dull or plain! There are comprehensive clip art galleries you can browse online to find the graphics you want to be added to your water bottles. This is highly recommended if you don’t have much time or the means to develop a new design on your own.

On the other hand, if you have the budget and are not in a hurry, you can hire a graphic designer to create a graphic design consistent with the message or aesthetic you’re aiming for with your water bottles. If your main objective in giving away water bottles is to increase brand awareness, you can also have the logo of your company printed or pasted on the water bottles. This way, the water bottles will serve two purposes: business gifts and promotional tools.

2. Lettering and Fonts

Lettering and fonts have become quite trendy nowadays, especially with the rising popularity of calligraphy. To make your water bottles look more stylish and up-to-date, consider using modern lettering and fonts in customising them. There are a lot of lettering styles you can choose from when customising your water bottles. Each style comes with its distinct vibe, so you should take your time selecting the style that feels right for your design.

You can browse social media channels like Instagram and Pinterest to look for lettering examples that you can take inspiration from, as well as to stay updated on current lettering trends. Among the most artistic and classy lettering styles you can use for your water bottles is called ‘handwritten script’. It’s a modern lettering style that exudes a touch of elegance and whimsy and works exceptionally for quotes. With its lovely simplicity, your corporate gift recipients will surely be drawn to the look of your custom water bottles.

3. Colours

Soft, muted colour palettes and bright and bold colour palettes have been making a comeback in the style world in the past couple of years. These two-colour trends are found on opposite ends of the spectrum and provide plenty of amazing possibilities for your water bottle design at the same time! When selecting the colour scheme you want to use for your water bottles, take into consideration how you wish the design would make people feel.

If you want your recipients to feel energised and upbeat, you should go for either warm shades like yellow, orange, and red or brighter colours like neon or with high contrast. If you want them to feel calm and peaceful when looking at the water bottles, opt for either cool shades like blue, green, and purple or soothing colours like pastel or some earth tones. Since the base colour of most water bottles is white, the end result will look astonishing no matter which way you choose to go with the colours.


For corporate gifts to be effective and memorable, they should not only be useful but creative and impressive at the same time. Hence, although water bottles have so many functions, it’s still possible for them not to serve their purpose as corporate gifts well when they look plain and boring. If you want your water bottles to successfully catch the eyes and warm the hearts of your recipients, you should definitely customise them with incredible graphics, lettering and fonts, or colour schemes.

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