Gift-giving has been a long-standing tradition around the world, and even companies are embracing it. Indeed, corporate gifting is very common in the business world because it comes with numerous benefits. For one, giving corporate gifts will help you build meaningful and long-lasting relationships with your clients and foster loyalty from your employees.

Now, when purchasing gifts for your customers, colleagues, or staff, there are several things you should take into consideration, such as the needs and preferences of your recipients. For corporate gifting to be an effective gesture of appreciation or promotional tool, planning and preparation are necessary. To help you choose the right presents for your next corporate gift-giving, here are some of the essential things you should consider and plan in advance.

1. Budget

Gifts are expenses. As such, it’s important that you set a budget for your corporate gifts to avoid spending beyond your available resources. When you have a budget in place, it essentially helps you gain control of your finances. When doing corporate gifting, you need to know how much you plan to spend on the presents and how many people will receive the gifts.

Will you give gifts to all your clients, employees, or partners? If so, how much will you spend on everyone? By preparing a budget beforehand, you can prioritise your spending and prevent being indebted. Furthermore, it allows you to know how much of your business’ resources is currently available for spending on gifts and determine whether or not it’s financially wise to do more corporate gifting in the months to come. 

2. Recipients

Gifts are designed to make both the giver and the recipient happy in order to spark a deep connection. For this reason, it’s necessary to understand the recipient whenever you decide to give a gift. Try to visualise your recipient’s reaction when they already receive the present. Are they going to like the present given to them? How are they likely to behave? Everyone wants to give perfect corporate gifts, but does anyone research what that means to the receiver?

Oftentimes, a company’s HR department has the tendency to purchase hard-to-find and obscure gifts for employees with the objective of being ‘unique’, but perhaps a simple mug, sling bag, or power bank as corporate gifts in Singapore is enough to do the trick. Simply put, you don’t need to buy excessively expensive or high-end gifts to impress your clients or staff. Most of the time, the key to making your gifts effective is knowing your recipients well – what they need and like.

3. Personalisation

Making your corporate gifts a little more personal is another excellent way to make them effective and memorable. By personalising your gifts, you’re essentially demonstrating that you’ve put much thought into them and care about what makes them unique. As a result, these personalised gifts can help you build stronger connections with your customers, employees, or partners.

There are numerous ways to personalise your gifts, depending on what items you plan to give. For instance, if you’re planning to give your clients or staff custom water bottles in Singapore, you can have the water bottles printed with an attractive graphic design or a heartwarming quote or message. Essentially, when personalising corporate gifts, all you need sometimes is creativity. And your creative juices will surely overflow when you plan your gifts’ personalisation ahead of time.


Planning is an absolute must when doing corporate gifting. Corporate gifts that weren’t planned or thought through often end up in lost and found boxes or stuck in drawers for years. If you don’t want your corporate gifts to suffer the same fate, you should make them more memorable by giving them much thought and preparation. With planning and preparation, you can ultimately develop cost-effective, suitable, and unique corporate gifts.

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