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In this digitally run world, a power bank is one of the most useful corporate gifts in Singapore. They can be used as prizes at giveaways, house gifts, to show your employees your appreciation, or business gifts for stakeholders and prospective clients. At Nanyang Gifts, we offer top-notch customised power banks available in a vast range of designs and technological capabilities. We’re also incredibly flexible in customising your power bank however you see fit.  

Why a custom power bank?

Most of us have experienced having our phones die out while we were outside. Losing access to your phone can be extremely inconvenient and distressing. You have everything from your contacts to messages to GPS on your phone; unfortunately, smartphone batteries rarely last as long as you want them to. While it’s not feasible or realistic to always have a fully charged phone whenever you leave the house, there is something you can do about it. Solution: The power bank. A power bank allows you to keep your phone charged wherever you find yourself. This is an invaluable resource in a professional world where everything is done digitally and on the go. Use this to your advantage by choosing custom power banks as corporate gifts in Singapore. Not convinced yet? Here are more reasons a customised power bank should be your go-to gift:  

1. Universality

In this day and age, everyone has a smartphone. People who would be on the receiving end of your corporate gift most definitely have one. Power banks thus have a universal appeal that will not go unappreciated by even the pickiest of people.  

2. Brand exposure

Phones can be unreliable, especially when you’re out and about. Luckily, a good power bank can provide the boost of battery you need. As such, you can see how this gift can very quickly become a daily need for someone. Printing your company logo on such an item only serves to increase brand exposure subtly. Every time they use the customised power bank, they will subconsciously think of your company and associate positive things with you. And since this custom power bank will mainly be used outside, your gift recipient acts as a walking advertisement for your brand wherever they go.  

3. Practicality

Smartphones will likely not have better battery lives anytime soon, the need for a power bank will always be there. A power bank isn’t a trend; it’s here to stay. They are easy to carry around and very convenient. Being associated with this useful tool can only be a beneficial thing and, in the long run, a cost-effective means of marketing.  

Why us?

Nanyang Gifts and Prints has handled all your customisation and corporate gifting needs for a while now. We are a well-established business with a reputation for quality printing and products. Our reasonable prices and efficient customer services ensure that we are where you should turn to when you need a corporate gift in Singapore that will leave a lasting, pleasant impression. Contact our team today to learn more!