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Kraft Post-It Notebook Set With Pen


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If you're looking for a practical, affordable, and sustainable corporate gift with that personal touch, look no further. Nanyang Gifts offers a broad range of high-quality, beautifully designed, customised notebooks in Singapore. No matter the occasion, we're bound to have something for you!  

What Makes Customised Notebooks a Great Corporate Gift?


1. They’re affordable

Custom notebooks are cost-effective and affordable, especially when purchased bulk amounts. You’re also getting the most bang for your buck because you know they’ll last a long time and are sustainable.  

2. They’re convenient

Our custom notebooks come in many sizes to ensure that they are easy to carry around whenever needed. For busy professionals who are constantly on the go, this is incredibly convenient and leaves a good impression of your business on the recipient.  

3. They’re universally used

Never again wonder whether the corporate gift you are purchasing will be of use to the recipient. With a customised notebook, you can be sure that your gift will be utilised and appreciated, especially in the corporate sector where taking notes is a major part of the job. You can hand them out company events like trade shows and conferences to reach a bigger audience.  

4. They help create brand awareness

When you’re customising your notebook, having your company logo printed on it is a great way to spread word of your business. With the options of a range of colours, styles, and designs, you can be sure that your gift will be able to reflect your company’s aesthetic well. Not only does the notebook now seem more special and exclusive, you’re also making sure that your brand will be imprinted on the recipient's mind every time they use it.  

Why Nanyang Gifts?

Whatever style or budget you're working with, Nanyang Gifts is ready to help you create high-quality notebooks in Singapore to help you spread the word of your brand far and wide. With our custom notebooks, you can fully tailor-make your gifts to include your corporate brand, design or message to suit your vision. Give your corporate gifts a personal touch and impress your clients, employees and potential customers! At Nanyang Gifts, we believe effective marketing strategies start with high-quality materials and printing services. As such, we don't employ cheap goods or poor printing techniques in our operations. Nor do we offer just a few types of notebooks – in fact, we have a wide range! From ring notebooks, PU leather notebooks, calendar notebooks to even combination sticker notepads – we have it all! Apart from our customised notebook printing services, we also offer packing and delivery services! Custom, cheap and convenient; Nanyang Gifts is a wholesale supplier in Singapore that will deliver.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Why should I customise my corporate notebooks?

These days, it's not easy to find a memorable gift for someone. Mass-produced gifts can seem insincere and may not truly symbolise your brand and how you feel about the recipient. Working with a reputable supplier in Singapore to produce customised notebooks can add that much-need personal touch to separate your gift from the masses. When it comes to a company's branding practice and advertising efforts, there are several approaches you can adopt to promote and market your company and its message. Sought-after for their effectiveness, affordability and practicality, gifting people high-quality customised notebooks are one of them. It is one of the many traditional marketing strategies that has still retained its presence in Singapore's current digital climate. As a flexible and innovative approach to branding, custom notebook printing offers an attractive and feasible way to promote your brand and your message, all while showing gratitude to those who deserve it.  

What are the customised notebook printing designs available?

No matter the style you have in mind, we can help you create a high-quality customised notebook without any hassle. With our logo printing services, you can personalise the notebook  with your corporate design, brand, and message of choice. Please note that we reserve the right to refuse to print any designs that are deemed offensive.  

Who are the ideal recipients for my customised notebooks?

Customised notebooks are the ideal gift for your employees and clients. They will make the perfect employee appreciation gift or corporate present as they are practical and often utilised by business professionals.  

How do I engage your customised notebook printing services?

If you are interested in our customised notebook printing services, do not hesitate to contact us at or WhatsApp us at +65 92991913.   If you're looking for a supplier in Singapore that offers unparalleled custom corporate notebook printing services, we're only a phone call or email away. Nanyang Gifts will go the extra mile to ensure that your brand reaches the masses far and beyond! Give us a call today, and we'll give you a quotation!