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470ml Double Walled Cup Anti-Slip Spill-free Stainless Steel Mug with Suction Base


Our Recent Project With School of Film & Media Studies

Our Recent Project With National Archives Of Singapore

500ML 304 Stainless Steel Thermal Mug Tumbler


Our Recent Project With Republic of Singapore Air Force

Our Recent Project With PGIM

Our Recent Project With INFO-TECH

Customisable Logo Straight Stainless Steel Thermos Flask Popular Model


Our Recent Project With Tiffany&Co

Our Recent Project With Kicks Taekwondo

Egg Shaped Stainless Steel Tumblr 12oz


Our Recent Project With Applied Materials

Our Recent Project With Black&White Cafe

Modern Japanese 304 Stainless Steel Tumbler


Our Recent Project with Performance Motors BMW

Our Recent Project with Motorola

12oz/350ml Portable Coffee Cup


Our Recent Project With FairPrice Group

Our Recent Project With Health Sciences Authority

2023 Unleaded Thermos Flask 550ml


Our Recent Project With Evergence

Our Recent Project With Black&White Cafe

500ml Bamboo Glass Tumblers With Silicone Handle


Our Recent Project With NUS

Our Recent Project With

Bullet SS Vacuum Tumbler (500ml & 350ml available)


Our Recent Project With Singtel

Our Recent Project With Klasmann-Deilmann

Stainless Steel Coffee Mug Thermos Flask Clean Modern Design


Our Recent Project With Motorola

Our Recent Project With Realtylink Consultancy

About Corporate Gifting

Corporate gifts are one of the best methods of showing your team members, clients, customers, stakeholders, and anyone else involved in your company that you're grateful for them. They help you strengthen your existing professional relationships and to embark on new ones. So if you are considering corporate gifting, why not give customised water bottles and tumblers a go? Here are some of the reasons custom tumblers and water bottles are the best gifts you can get in Singapore:

1. It's Practical

The most vital thing a corporate gift must be is functional. A gift you can utilise on any day and at any time is crucial for on-the-go working professionals of today. Since a customised water bottle is reusable, it won't be thrown away after just one use. They're universally used and are a daily necessity, so you can be sure that getting someone a custom water bottle or tumbler printed with your company logo will also help keep your company's presence fresh in their minds.  

2. It's Long-Lasting

Our custom tumblers and water bottles are sourced from the highest-quality suppliers, so you know that your gift will be durable and long-lasting. They're not trendy as much as they're timeless; they'll never go out of style. If taken care of properly, there's really no telling how long a stainless steel customised tumbler will last. Your brand could still be benefiting from the exposure of a custom printed water bottle decades after the gifting.  

3. It's Different and Customisable

There are tons of useful and practical corporate gifts on the market, but there's nothing as unique as a customised water bottle in Singapore. Even though it's a rarer gift, it is still efficient and fit for professionals of all demographics and companies of all types. To make it even more unique, you can enlist our premium water bottle printing services and customise it to your heart's desire. Incorporate your company logo onto a water bottle or tumbler from our wide variety of sizes, colours, and styles.  

4. It's Sustainable

In today's day and age, showing your dedication to the preservation of our planet is essential. Sustainability is now a highly sought-after trait in corporate gifts. Our top-quality water bottles and tumblers are safe, convenient, and much more sustainable. When your recipients use our reusable, customised water bottles and tumblers, they help to reduce wastage in Singapore and are, ultimately, more environmentally friendly.  

Why buy from Nanyang Gifts and Prints?

While our products are affordable, we never cut corners on quality. You can be sure that our water bottles and tumblers will last a long time and leave a great impression on your gift recipients. They are also available in a wide range of colours, sizes, and styles, so even the most discerning among you will be pleased with what we offer. Our water bottle printing services are some of the best in Singapore. You can expect the best finishes on your corporate logo and branding on these custom printed water bottles and tumblers. So why wait? Keep your company at the forefront of people's minds with this uniquely customisable, practical, and long-lasting gift. Contact our team for more information today!