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MINI Stereo Bluetooth Headset


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Redmi Wireless Bluetooth Headset


Our Recent Project With Republic of Singapore Air Force

Our Recent Project With Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology

Airpods2 bluetooth headset

colour:2On behalf of the wireless charging special (optional color)/1Generation 2 General Purpose (optional color)/Generation Cable Blue Protective Cover (Bag)+Button)/The first

Basic In-Ear Earpiece

Product Details Basic In-Ear Earpiece Soft In-Ear Buds Comes with Plastic Crystal Case Black, White, Red, Blue    

Explosion TWS Bluetooth Binaural Headphones

Color : Black / White / Pink Whether Single Binaural : bilateral stereo Bluetooth Protocol: 5.0 Channel : Stereo Transmission Range : 15 meters

i10 wireless Bluetooth headset 5.0

Color:i16Ivory White # I16-FZ-04/i16Cool Black #I16-FZ-01/i16Mint Green #I16-FZ-02/i16樱花粉#I16-FZ-03/i16Aurora Violet # I16-FZ-05/i16Aurora violet #I16-FZ-05Is it binaural?:Bilateral stereoBluetooth protocol:5.0Channel:[电] stereophonicTransmission category:10RiceFunction :Electric